So my wife is running for the school board

She ran as a write in two years ago when we found out about critical race theory being pushed in our schools. Got within 20 votes of bearing the board president. Unfortunately that left her just outside even after a recount. It was a pretty big thing regionally to have this nobody decide to run and almost beat the sitting president as a write in after only campaigning for 3 months (that’s all the time we had). Since then she’s organized a ton of people to both run and volunteer to fix things and stop the madness.

Meanwhile the board is doing stupid things like bringing in all the mentally ill trannies to rile stuff up, making up stuff about the five candidates running, etc etc.

Last election there were four open seats. Two went to liberals and the other two went to conservatives on the ballot (well one is a Libertarian- good guy, and the other is your typical weak kneed republican…).

We have our five in the ballot for the primary. Unfortunately because some idiot decided the local offices are non-partisian long ago here in PA democrats can also get on the Republican ballot.

This means there’s 11 people (I believe) on the Republican ballot. Only 6 are republicans.

Here’s where it’s getting fun!

Three state wide conservative groups have decided our little race is a pretty easy win to boost their own statuses so they’re all chipping in. Some are sending 20+ people door knocking for us, others are sending out mailers to every address in the district. They’re actually dumping a good amount of money into the effort! And they’re NOT your typical BS groups that do things like this expecting kickbacks and stuff like that. All three groups are doing it because they want to actually fix things, not fund raise.

Thank God!

Just had to share because, well, I’m proud of what my wife is doing. My job is to earn the bread (and I sorta organized the initial rally in my backyard two years ago where 50 people showed up to kick this whole thing off. Then I pushed her forward as the best choice when everyone thought I was going to do it. Unbeknownst to even her. Lol) Hers is to raise the kids.

Well… She’s going to make damn sure our kids get the best education possible AND the best future possible by fixing the education of the rest of the kids they’ll be stuck with for the rest of their lives.

This is how you win. Not by running away and hiding like a damn cockroach. By attacking and beating the bastards.

I know most of you guys are retired but we (parents all over- not me) need your help. Find the local school board candidates that are just starting out and give them a little help. Cash is always good but what’s far, far better is just knocking on doors for them. Even if it’s just an hour that’s 5-10 votes you just got them and in these types of campaigns that’s the difference between Marxism and Freedom for our kids.

And who knows? Sarah Palin started off on the local school board. My wife technically started off as the vice president of our HOA (she got sick of the totalitarians on it and decided to stop it herself- and she did. And still is fixing stuff) but who knows what she’ll become after she fixes the school board.

She had about 4x the most write in votes in history in our district two years ago. This year we’re shooting for more votes than ever before for the position and we just might get there. People are sick of woke. Especially here. We’re going to end it.


My wife refuses to run, for liability reasons. School board members can be sued personally - and in my district that just happened.


It’s a risk we’re willing to take.


As parents remove your kids from the school and go teach at home if possible. Protest outside the education buildings, if you feel that the school is endagering your kids by instilling inflamatory and inapropriate rhetoric in them.
Take legal action where necessary, they will only do it whilst you let them, stand up and be counted.


While I generally agree, private schooling has substantial costs beyond the means of many. I think the best course is to take back our public schools by electing the right people.


We have been home schooling for a while. Oldest is 30 and served a term as an AirForce firefighter. On a homeschool diploma. Second oldest is on his 2nd stint with the USMC. He is in intel. Also on a diploma written and verified by my wife and I. My youngest is 15-1/2 so we are almost done. Don’t worry about socialization. My kids have been to all kinds of appropriate social events. Church, skeet shooting, live music, theater, hunting, ballet……but not public school.

Now I assist with my 4 grandchildren’s education.

GOD is good!


I, too, disagree with the home schooling route simply because your kids might turn out great but they’re going to inherent a woke world.

We have to fight. Period


That still leaves all the socialists’ teachers & that’s a problem.


That’s the point of taking over the school boards. You fire them.


You’ll have better luck hitting the power ball lottery 3 times in a row than firing teachers with tenure or without tenure.


Unions being involved make getting rid of bad apples almost impossible.


They always break rules.

For instance the one grooming kids in our district decided, during school hours and on school equipment and using her school email address, invited a shitload of activists to protest a school board meeting.

There’s at least six fireable offenses in that.

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That statement can also apply to unruly students as well.

My wife served two 4 year terms on the school board in South Florida well over 25 years ago. It was a small conservative county that had it’s issues but no where near today’s. She was ready to get out and didn’t want anything to do with another 4 years. She actually ran on a platform that 8 years is enough for any local politician.

Our sons both graduated from the local Public School System. And, I could brag about them all day long. :wink:

In today’s times I firmly believe I would have did my best to have her spend those 8 years home schooling our sons. Including leaving her position at the bank.

I couldn’t hack whats going on in our public schools knowing my kids were attending them.

I’m not trying to be mean to anyone that can’t keep their children out. I just couldn’t do it.



Again: the problem isn’t our kids. It’s everyone else’s kids. They’re the ones that we’re trying to save here.

We’ve already talked about home schooling if my wife can’t turn it around within a year. That’s going to save two. Two kids. There are 2,000 more to save.

If we didnt save the other 1898 kids then my kids are going to live their lives in a horrible, woke society.


Primary is Tuesday. So far our county GOP, county Republican Club and the PA Economic Forum have endorsed her with two of the three sending out mailers. We have at least two people working outside the polls in every polling location with the PA Economic Forum training them.

Looking like we can right this ship.

It’s small but if every district did this it becomes huge.


It’s not just 2,000 more it’s 8 million more students in today’s school system. Our ship hit the iceberg & my wife just said " What was that Noise! " Why do you think they’re making a big push to ban ALL magazine fed semiauto rifles not just AR’s like Canada.


Unofficially it’s looking like my wife and her group are up 5X the votes of the incumbents and 3+x the other candidates.

Looking good!

Even Democrats were writing in my wife!

In the general election the Republicans have a 3 to 1 advantage too. I hesitate to say we won just yet but…



As of this morning she officially won! Top of the heap too!


Having the same battle here in SEPA. What part of PA are you from?


South central. It’s everywhere.