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So I need glasses

It finally happened. My eyesight is failing at close distances.
Inside 18" a complete blur, out to 3 feet, have to focus hard.
Anything past that, I’m good. Actually still have great vision.

I have some reading glasses that correct the 18" to 3’ range.
But still a blur any closer than that. I need one more lens.
So I’m thinking trifocal, maybe.

I’d love something like transitional trifocal safety glasses.
Just one pair for every occasion. Does those even exist.
Any recommendations? Brands? Stores?


I got some magnifying eye pro on crappy Amazon. It’s the best I could find. @ValorSolo , welcome to the club unfortunately. It gets worse still.


Thanks @Jperr

It seems an obvious market for someone to fill.
But I can’t seem to find what I want.

And the glasses need to be ANSI Z87.1 rated.


How is your blood glucose levels? Have you had it checked lately? Trust me-diabetes will kill your vision quicker than you know…


It was fine last I had it checked.


Good to hear. Not trying to scare you but vision suddenly going bad quick is how I found out about mine.

Gettin’ old really sucks!


These are what I have. They DO have the rating your looking for, according to the description. Sorry, my knowledge of a hyperlink is lacking here.


Full Lens Magnification, would be a problem.
But I found some cheap $7 bifocals to try.
Radians Rad-Sequel RSx Bifocal Safety Glasses Coffee Lens (safetyglassesusa.com)

Also found some very not cheap Progressives.
You get to basically design your own lens.
But I’ll need a prescription to get them.
Tifosi Vero ANSI Prescription Sunglasses | Prescription Safety Glasses USA (safetyglassesusarx.com)

Still would like other options.


When I needed to get a full face resperator for work I needed to get custom made glasses insert. Got them from a place called sport RX. Drove hours to check them out. They have quite a few selections of safety glasses they can make into prescription and the ratings you need.

They are pricy, but these are not off the shelf stuff. It was around 370 for my custom cut lenses and took about 2 weeks. 100% satisfied with them. Great and helpful people to boot.

Without glasses I can only see 3" from my face, everything else is a blur even squinting.


Pearle Vision works.


Those Tifosi that I went through the process of customizing, were over $400.
And I’m fine with that if it gets me what I want. I’ll check these out too. Thanks.

@cico7 Thanks as well.


get you a script brother and order em from here.


I found an eye doctor that knows shooting (on the state clays board). He said that, after my cataract surgery, one eye is slightly near-sighted, and one is slightly far-sighted. He has different ways to grind things, or stick-ons that really work. My biggest problem is handguns. When I was in the service, we were taught what is sometimes called “modified Weaver” (I think). The point is, nowadays people hold their handguns way ought from their bodies, with their arms fully extended, moving the sights “far” away. The way I was taught, the sights are a lot closer to my face. I have to bend my head all the way back to look at the sights through the very bottom of my progressives (lenses, not politics). Of course, that doesn’t really come into play most of the time, as I shoot with both eyes open and seldom go for bullseye-type shots. The biggest problem would be finding a way to shoot on the range if the solution isn’t available on the street.


I know I’m about 5 years out from glasses. Getting too near sighted. Between work, hobbies and general lifestyle, I knew it was coming. Plus I’m the old one in my family (both sides) to make it past 40 without em.
How about a good laser? Seems like a good work around for my dad. He’s had Lasik surgery twice and pretty much just point shoots (another active thread) with his ruger SC9 with a red laser.


I was hoping Elsa would sideline me from work this week.
So I could make an appointment at the VA eye clinic.
But they sent me to Alabama to work, instead.


@ValorSolo Hey Charles… My eye doctor recently recommended these guys. She is also a shooter. A huge selection of some really nice shooting glasses. I am getting a pair… just haven’t 100% decided which brand yet.

Here is a link directly to their prescription selection…


I am kind of leaning towards having them build me a pair of the GYST SG1-15RX with the progressive lenses. I like that it comes with both the ridged and the flexible band temples.


hell brother the VA should just check you and give you a pair. they did me a month ago…think your allowed 1 pair a year…