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So I Already Broke my Gun Under 48 Hours

So I just got my Uberti reproduction of the Remington New Model Army yesterday at around 1:30 PM. The package came with a bullet mold and caps and I had everything to shoot it. so that night I cast about 100 round balls for it and today around 6 I went out with all the stuff that I needed to shoot it, Pyrodex, caps and bullets. well apparently the lead that I have is way to hard for built in rammer and I bent the screw that holds the lever on. Should’ve realized that I was putting too much force in seating those round balls. I’ll need to get some pure lead to see if that helps it load easier.


Interesting.i sure woulda thought “hard lead” would be like an oxymoron.noted though!


The lead that I have is a wheel weight alloy since that’s what I could get my hands on. It’s harder since it has the tin and antimony in it.


Ahhh,I see.well that make meterugical sense.


Well regardless I’ve got parts ordered from Taylor’s and Company so it’ll be back in action and I’ve ordered some Speer soft lead balls so hopefully I’ll be back in action.


Here is a download link for some books that might be useful for you Christian. The 3rd one I am downloading now, so I haven’t it seen yet.


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll definitely give them a read.


@jobes94 I haven’t read all of them so I don’t know how useful they will be for you, but I thought you might want to give them a look-see.
The third one is a big zip file. I downloaded and extracted it, but I haven’t had a chance to even open and take a look at it, so you will be on your own there. LOL

Hope they will be of use and happy hunting. :smiley:


what powder you using Black powder or pyrodex? Black pushes harder/faster /farther,
I use black though, pyrodex just dont run my flintlocks well. I got the formula i use to mold… depending on what your runnin and how hard you pushing. make sure to smear the face so you dont experience a chain fire…


I’m running pyrodex. It’s the only powder that wasn’t pilfered from Cabela’s when I got there. And I was using Crisco when I shot the 4 cylinders before I bent the pivot screw. Though I got some lubed felt wads and I’ll give them a try.


Update: I’ve replaced the bent screw with another one and the loading lever is working like new. Pictured is the bent screw. It really doesn’t take much of a bend to screw up that lever.


EPIC FEED FAILURES! I just put in my lone wolf “reworked” trigger.they replaced the trigger trigger bar with is what I assume is they’re version of the glock OEM trigger bar(it’s stamped with the same Part# but a booger to install)right off the bat I was having malfunctions in my Gen4 G19-feed failure,average 2 times per magazine.the slide would lock back.i’ve NEVER had mechanical issues with this gun.i do have a tweaked spring on the slide catch but it hasn’t been an issue.kind of a coincidence that it squirrels out when I swapped triggers…striker bar hanging on the trigger bar?? Thoughts???

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another update. got some softer lead and the gun loads SO much easier now. I shot the revolver today until I ran out of powder in my powder flask. Alot more fun to shoot it when I dont have to dent tables to load a lead ball.