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Snubby Revolvers: Obsolete?


Sorry, I did not look thru the whole thread to see what you had said before.

Sounds like you are thinking this thru and gathering important statistics. I wrote my post above not knowing if you were new to guns, highly experienced, or somewhere in between.

I agree with your comments.


I like your portrait. I always like watching Sam Elliot’s characters. :+1:

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Thanks. Here is the picture with what was being attributed to him in easier-to-read size and form:

GA (110)


What’s the power and recoil like? I was very curious abut the .327 magnum snubbies when they came out, but didn’t have the money to buy one. Now with the Shanghai Shivers going around, and the current political situation and panic going on, I can’t find one, let alone the food to feed it.


Just saw this on buds guns guess im gonna have to have it with 22lr and 22 mag cylinder.

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I still keep a 38 snub as a ankle gun, a model 642 airweight, for when i do repo downtown Charleston. comforting piece to know is there.


Currently carry 13+1. That’s 14 more than I’ve ever needed so, 5 rounds would be fine for me. Just got a cool 44 special snubby that would work.


.327 Federal Magnum is (to me) about the same as a mild .38 Special to my hands, anyway. I have the Crimson Trace grips and one extra shot, so I don’t feel undergunned compared to a model 36 (or any of its progeny). The major advantages to me are I can shoot 32 S&W short and long as well as the .32 H&R Magnum.


This is what You need for repo in downtown Charleston ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: