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Sling and Mount Option

All Things SUB-2000!

I have a sling option you may like.

Allows you to carry open or folded, does not interfere with mag change or use of charging handle and can be rotated mid-line to allow the drawing of a sidearm.

Shoulder holster carry: By folding and attaching both ends of the sling to butt stock you can slide rifle under your arm.

I believe the D-Ring base has provided enough surface area to not stress the screw or frame. I used a torch to remove the silver finish from D-Ring and then blued it. The loop on the butt stock was made from parachute cord.


Good idea @Oldfart, and welcome to the brotherhood Stan ! I would prob put some felt down on the plate, cause i hate rattles and clinks.


Not a bad idea but no loud clinking as is.


Excellent idea, I like it.
Cheers and welcome!