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Skeletonized Charging Handle (THE PIN)

All Things SUB-2000!
I ordered the pin since I made my own charging handle.
For what it is worth I found and easy way to install it.
I put some Vaseline on the head of the pin.
Stuck it to the spring. I inserted the spring into the tube in the correct orientation.
When it hit the charging handle, with pressure on the spring from the rear, I turned the
the charging handle till I felt it fall into place in the hole in the charging handle.
Reset spring and end piece with the pin.
Done deal.
Playing around with a long screw driver and a light did not go to well with my concept of installation.


I just watched the video with Chris using grease and a screwdriver. He sure made it look easy. LOL


if you have a long screw driver and a good light.
I just put the pin on the spring with Vaseline I could be it blind folded.
Just a suggestion from a GUNSMITH


That sounds like an ingenious way to do it and you don’t even need a tool.

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Well the Vaseline holds the SS pin.
Just a matter of turning the end cap and spring
with a little pressure and spin the charging handle till
you feel it set in. You know it is set because the charging handle will not turn.
Then Push the end cap in and set the end cap pin.
I work a lot by feel and touch. Lots of times I cant see what
I’m doing in tight spots.
Just my point of veiw



Hey Scott, every time one takes ‘a leap of faith’ when we are tinkering, doesn’t your subconscious call out to you during your struggles and your mind plays tricks don’t you hear that task screaming at you??? HEY THERE 'DUMB S#/T, AIN’T YOU (THE TOOL- FOOL!!!) :facepunch::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I haven’t upgraded from the stock charging handle yet. But was wondering when you need to take out the recoil spring and remove the charging handle, do you have remove the locking pin?? If so what is the procedure?