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Situational Awareness

Like many other seniors, the wife and I walk every day. We try to get a mile or more, 30 minutes and maintain a brisk pace. I try to be observant, thought I was doing rather well, until last Saturday.

Our neighborhood is a mix, folks of all sorts. For a time the gang graffiti was bad, it’s less noticeable these days.

So. As we rounded the corner off a side street onto the thru street, a small import comes speeding up from behind and the passenger threw a 20oz (full) bottle at us. The car never let off the gas and sped away. Got a good look at the clown that threw the bottle, he stared right back at me. Too busy looking at this young person to get an accurate description of the car, dark gray late model 4 door import, dark tinted rear windows is the best I can do. Fortunately, he missed by a mile, that bottle could have done some damage had it connected.

We continued on, me rather annoyed with myself. As we got down to the end of the block a very similar car approached from the direction the “attackers” had vanished to. The young lady driving kept staring at us…and sped off down the street.

With no license plate and a vague description, I knew it would be a waste of time to file a report.

We change time/route daily. Moving is not an option. What I’ve done now is to ensure we walk against the flow, facing oncoming traffic. This was just a random attack.

We’ve walked the side streets all week and there must be a couple dozen cars that match the description.

Keep your head on a swivel and watch your 6 everyone.


I hope your taking 2 friends with you & your wife, that doesn’t count the dog either. It very easily could escalate !


@Festus Damn, glade it missed you all by a mile! And good to hear you changed up your walking habits. I too am in the same boat as you, moving isn’t a option.

It always boggles my mind how so many people walk around with headphones in. It really makes me shake my head.


@Festus I really miss the old days when people who needed a beating got one.


I really miss the old days where strangers typically didn’t launch projectiles at other strangers from cars…or worse. I feel like this kind of behavior is more common now, is indicative of what our society has become and is the root of many of our issues today…but I don’t have any degrees in sociology or psychiatry so WTF do I know…


The kind of days I miss is when you could just kill them.
Larry :innocent:


Or walk around with their face stuck in a cell phone…


Or… don’t lock their car doors as soon as they get in. I also disabled my car from unlocking the doors when I put it in Park. I’ll unlock them when I am ready.


My dad had an encounter saturday morning. He lives in the projects of high point nc. And while he was loading up his truck at 4 am saturday morning to go set up at flea market he heard somebody walkin close to him so he had his pistol ready and he said 2 thugs came up on him demanding money and when he turned around with pistol pointed they took off. Who knows what would have happened had he not been self aware. Of course i told him now he needs to worry about retaliation. And you know the cowards wouldnt fight face to face theyll just drive by and unload on the house.


When it comes to my personal safety and that if my family, moving is always an option. Life is too short to live in or near a shit hole.


That’s why I left our last spot. Found out we had a little one on the way and said “Time to find a new place”! Too many a$$holes and too much drama. Better spot now with a good school district and plenty of nature to get us outdoors.


Head Phones Hell have their faces shoved in an I-Pad punching the key board.


I’ve actually struck up a few good conversations after I startle some people. Like they are a lemming earphones in and face glued to their phones. Some have pulled their earphones out and depending on their reaction I’ll start up a situational awareness conversation.

Some I just plain scared the ship out of them and they head a different direction. I don’t go out of my way to scare them, I just walk up (waiting for a cross walk) just out of their vision and I push the cross walk button.

But yeah, when I’m out and about my head is on a swivel. I’m not afraid to look behind me either. I’m sure I dodged some bad situations from catching it early.

I have a 15 mile walk/hike loop I do. I turn around where it turns into a ship hole area, just under the freeway. I hit my turn around point I noticed 2 people dressed in black, as soon as they saw me heading towards them they split, one person on one side of the trail and the other person opposite side. This section of the trail has 20 foot tall walls with 2 entrances, east and west. I had a hunch not to go east and under the freeway into the really bad area.

Man my heart started the beat hard. No adrenalin rush which was odd. I carry a knife and pepper spray. I had my hands on both. 50 feet out, we made eye contact (I was drilling lasers into both of them the whole time). I pulled out the pepper spray and started shaking it up. They saw that and the dude on my side of the trail ran to his buddy, and we both were basically pressed against the walls lol. As we passed we were laser beaming each other (they looked like young gang members) I picked up the pace to a very fast walk.

And every 5 steps I made, I checked behind me. They went to the underpass and all I hear was them yelling “f#<k”. Next street I hit I went up it and zig zagged home.

I was carrying a 40 pound hiking backpack, so maybe looked like a easy target. I now carry a much better PPE device. With how things are now, I don’t go anywhere near that area.


@CatFood Meanwhile… in Texas…



@TexasEskimo Hahahah that is perfect!

I’m sure the news would say they were little Angeles or what ever they would if I needed to defend myself. Not to mention I’d be sued for everything I own.


When I’m walking my dog Murphy a 100lb boxer it would be impossible for someone to walk up on me. He is very situationally aware. He does not like anyone or anything behind him.He can see or sense it from 50ft or more.


Thats the way my bullboxer is. She has her people me and my aunt. Then she has a small group of outside people that she accepts like a couple friends and family that come by regular enough for her to know them. But anything else or anybody else better not get within range. Its funny cause she knows her boundaries of her yard. But if one of the neighbors has company or is out in there own yard Lucie will go up to edge of her yard and bark and growl letting them know dont come across that street.


I’m also a student of martial arts. One of the training points is “Yudan Nashi” which means to never be off-guard. Awareness is a great way to avoid confrontation, which nobody needs in their lives.


Cellphones with video? I always take my phone with me.


In the movie “Boss Level” (Hulu) there is a scene of that make reference to that Indiana John classic scene.
A lady with a sword “wins” against the dude with guns. A few times.
No need to spoil the move… recommend watching it. Especially if you ever played a shooter game - that had a final “boss” to fight against.