Simple Sub2k muzzle device Idea

Would like a simple 9mm and 40s&w anodized muzzle device for my sub 2k. Make it out of 6000 series aluminum and mil anodize it. I know kak indistries makes a larger one and they report no gas cutting out of rifles so pistol calibers generate even less gases.

Have it stick out 1/2” past the muzzle threads and taper to the muzzle to:

  1. Protect the crown and threads.
  2. Made of lightweight materials to reduce cost/front weight.
  3. Direct gasses out and away from the shooter.
  4. Legal in 50 states as it does not hide any flash.
  5. Affordable.
  6. Easy to manufacture.
  7. Does not add much total length (1/2”) to the gun folded.
  8. Not a muzzle brake so it won’t hurt ears in an enclosed area or near a wall,rock, structure etc…
  9. Simple design with wrench slots cut on sides for easy installation, no timing issues.


Also add no sharp edges so it will not cut into your nylon bag or storage bag. And a simple high heat o ring to keep it in place. No need for a crush washer that takes up precious thread space on an already short threaded muzzle.


Hello @misterjake
Welcome. What do you call this thing and what is it’s purpose?

It’s a simple lightweight idea for a thread protector and gas diverter forward. Muzzle brakes send gasses to the sides and if you are near an object it amplifies the blast wave. The OEM thread protector does not protect the crown. Many other muzzle devices are long or large and don’t fit well with the small folded profile of the Sub2k.

Kinda like this kak industry muzzle device but much smaller to fit the profile of the Sub2k.

I am not arguing with you, just asking questions and making observations because I want to know more.
I have a muzzle break from MCARBO. It does not seem to amplify the sound like i have on other rifles.
I don’t notice it doing much to hold the barrel down either. (9mm). I really don’t notice it doing anything but it looks cool.

Is this different than MCARBO muzzle break? I like anything new and shiny so if i understood the value, I too would be all over it.

Not that it means anything, I like new ideas and add ons so I am thankful for your ideas.

If it is smaller than the muzzle break and costs less, i am on board!

Sorry if I came across as defensive. Was just writing as normal. One of the banes of writing, can’t see nor hear the tone of the person speaking.

Yes, this is just an idea for MCARBO to manufacture a simple lightweight muzzle device made out of aluminum. Aluminum does not dull tooling as fast as steel and is easy to cut.

Wish I could 3d print a plastic version as a model.

You did not, I didn’t want you to think I was.

Didn’t get that impression from you! Happy 4th!

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