Silencer recommendations?

Not necessarily firearm per se…

I’m looking into buying a silencer. I want one that’ll basically cover all my rifles and pretty much everything. I’m not looking for the best for a specific caliber. Just something that can handle everything from my Kel-tec to my SOCOM.

Looking at this: SilencerCo Hybrid 46 - The Universal Suppressor

Thoughts? Alternatives?

I can buy it locally for $800+stamp+QD compensators.

Just looking to cut back on the sound a bit.


Look at Witt Machine. Their SME aren’t suppressors but work well if you shoot outdoors. They also make suppressors that are thrifty. You could buy a 45 and use it on everything. I shot a hybrid 46 on a 338. Loud but tolerable. If You really want quiet, you need heavy for caliber bullets, fast powder, and subsonic exit velocity. There is also something to be said about purchasing local. Enjoy the giggly quiet either way.


I’m not worried about thrifty. I’m looking for the best all around, multi-caliber silencer.

I emailed them with my idea of a multi-caliber suppressor that can be swapped from gun to gun with a QD but be unthreaded at the mid point to allow for different calibers and lengths depending on use. Heck you could even make it modular so you’re just buying the end cap every time you need a different caliber or long/short for use with a rifle or hand gun. Put the stamp on the end that’s constant on each gun so you only buy that once. There’s it soany rifle threads so the QD there is easy. Plus cleaning it would be a whole lot easier as well. If you wanted you could even make some type of QD to swap the end caps as well.

Sometimes I wish I learned to be a machinist.


I have been pondering a form 1 can. Using multiple methods of noise abatement. It would have to be rebuildable. Definitely on a quiet non semiautomatic action. Haven’t had all the right ideas at the same time. Still thinking. It would probably look a bit like a delyle carbine on the outside. Complex and not worth mass production on the inside.


Forgot to mention a pretty funny aside from when I was at the gun shop talking with the owner about silencers.

I started off by asking what’s the current wait time. 6-7 months.

Then I said I’m looking for a multi-caliber one and done silencer. Told him I have the Precision .22lr, a Kel-tec Sub-2000 that is fully modified… He raised an eyebrow and said, “oh you’ve been spending some money on MCarbo, eh?” I laughed and said I have every mod they make. Then told him I have an AR just like literally everyone else in America, a Sig Cross .308 and a .458 SOCOM.

He got real excited about the Sig and said that’s his gun of choice too.

I don’t think he was into sales mode so much as ‘this guy gets it’ mode. Before we got into the silencers I was looking at their .22 pistols and saw a Lugar Mark IV. Had to hold it and called my daughter over to try it but she said it’s too big for her. I learned on a Mark II myself. Neat gun. Really great at eating the web of little hands.

Just thinking back its kinda neat to hear that the owner of the biggest, most respected gun shop in the region thinks highly of MCarbo.


Still researching…

Ran into this in my wanderings online…

Runs about $220 less online and seems to be every bit as good from what I’m seeing.

Anyone have any insight? Also any suggestions on my 00 designation once don. 007 is already taken.


Witt machine makes a 458 can that is small and quiet. I have enjoyed the quiet from their shop.




Tree Aught. As in, a tree aught to provide cover and concealment, but probably not lightning protection.


I’m looking for multiple calibers. I want one to do everything. I know it won’t be perfect for every gun but I’m just looking for less sound.


Their 45 would work on .458 on down to .177


Ended up going with Witt after all.

Bought the Dirty 30. Won’t do my .458 but I don’t see myself shooting that often anyway. It will, however, work on everything else going downward.

Also bought their SME in .223 and 9mm. Not a true silencer but I figure it’ll quiet things down a bit.

…now I wait… Saying 9 months currently. Probably because of the pistol brace thing going on.

Did put the SME on my AR tonight. I’ll shoot it tomorrow and report back.

Edit: also fits on my Savage Precision A22! Which means the silencer, when it comes in, should work all the way from the .308 down to the .22!

That’s a win in my book!

Too bad it won’t fit on the kel-tec…


Finally got a chance to try out the Witt SME. Tested it with my .22 and used an app on my phone to test the sound level. Without the SME I saw 86 db. With the shroud on it dropped to 79 db. That was standard, non-subsonic rounds. It also seemed to throw the sound down range. I think with subsonic rounds it probably would have been very quiet.

One thing I did notice at 25 yards: I was throwing every round through the same hole. Literally through it without enlarging it. If the wind wasn’t blowing so hard it probably would have done that out to 100 yards. It definitely tightened up my groupings.

I had meant to try it on my .223 but I got distracted by my .458 SOCOM. I put a 3x magnifier on it. That made a huge difference in accuracy. I had also changed out my buffer for an H1 but now it won’t cycle properly. I think it needs to be lighter. I was able to get it to cycle some just by soaking the bolt in oil.

That said it was on target at 200 yards and that’s about as good as I expect for that beast (1’x1’ target).

Also messed around with a couple of my 9mm pistols.


I’ve been looking at the Witt website and Youtube. I did see some complaints about the companies lack of response to email or answering the phone. That concerns me about placing an order.

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I bought from a local dealer. He had two out of three in stock.

Bought the .30 cal silencer and .223 SME. Ordered a 9mm SME.

Of course I only have one on hand for now. Waiting on the feds to affirm my rights and Witt to ship the SME.


I have ordered from Witt. It took some time because they were manufacturing the SME. Other things I have ordered didn’t take so long. They are a small company and I would rather pay for parts being built not paying for someone to return my email while they build my parts. I don’t reply to emails or txt when I am in the middle of my work either.


Has anyone used a flow through design suppressor? I know they’re heavier and not as quiet as traditional baffle cans. But the reason they grabbed my attention is they should run on standard gas blocks. I don’t have an adjustable gas block, and I don’t want to install one. I just want to take some bite out of the bark that is my 10.5" AR-15

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The SME works without being big or heavy. Not a NFA item. Might want to try it before you wait on a tax stamp.


Already have one and, to be honest, I’m not hugely impressed. I don’t actually recommend it because it really didn’t reduce sound as much as hoped and that was firing it out doors on both my .223 (as designed) and my .22lr (might as well be the same diameter bullet).

It reduced the sound by 7 decibels per an app on my phone. Sure that’s a lot but not nearly enough to justify the expense IMO.

I was hoping to get the .223 with the SME down to close of what the .22 is without anything but it wasn’t even close.

Granted I wasn’t using sub sonic rounds.

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I also moved to 300BLK for my short barrel stuff. With quick powders it is quieter by itself. My son’s 300 16” gun with a brake is quieter than a 16” 5.56 with a target crown. At least according to my tools. 2Db. With a brake.


When I bought my AR pistol, that was the first time I shot 5.56 from a short barrel. I had no idea how loud it was going to be lol. I wear ear plugs and ear muffs when shooting it. It would be nice to get the sound down to where I can use just one form of ear protection.