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Sighting Your Sub2K

I am currently using CCI/Speer 115gr sighted for POI .5" high at 25yd this gives me .5" low at 50yds. Roughly 6-7 inches low at 100yds.

What distance do you Zero your sight? 25, 50, or 100Yard? What load and what results do you get?

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@Gatekeeper initially I sighted in for 25 yards…but for PCC competitions I go for 12 yards and adjust from there. Lots of close range shooting!

I use federal Syntech, range rule for shooting close steel targets, and I find the S2K to be wicked accurate as well as fast and nimble for maneuvering barricades and the 180 traps!

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I have sighted for POI 3/4" high at 25 yard which makes it 3/4" low at 50 yards. The azimuth of the trajectory is right at 25 yards. Having a 3 MOA dot, the dot is exactly 3/4" size at 25 yards. So it is easy to see POI in relation to the 1" sticker I place a center of the bullseye. Put the red dot directly on the sticker and the center of the group should be exacly one dot diameter above it.