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Sight In Tips: Saving Ammo at the Range

I paid over $2/rd locally to shoot and sight in my 6.5 Grendel this weekend.
Gotta use every trick I know to get it sighted without wasting a lot of ammo.
I haven’t seen too many write ups on this subject, so I thought I’d share.
Here’s how I do it. This can save at least several rounds.

  1. This is the most critical step, make sure your optic is properly mounted.

  2. Buy a bore sight laser. I like the Sightmark Triple Duty Universal.

I have the red laser and haven’t had any issues using it in bright daylight.
There have been reviews stating the opposite, but it’s been fine for me.
If you are worried about it, spend the extra money and get the green.

This bore sight attaches on the end of the barrel with a magnet.
It has a cone that centers in the barrel for exact alignment.
The cone slides in and out of the bore sight to fit most calibers.

Using this will get you close to zero on paper at 25 yards.
Fine tuning will be required. But you’ve already saved a few rounds.
But don’t start shooting yet, keep reading.

  1. Use this trick to save even more ammo.

Measure from the center line of your optic to the center line of your barrel.
Use this measurement to mark directly below the bulls-eye on the target.

Most folks will say to use the measurement above to mark your target.
I think that would still have you shooting high when you start dialing it in.
My theory, and I haven’t tried it yet, but it makes sense to me.
Since 25 yards is 1/4 of 100 yards, subtract 1/4 of your measurement.

Example, if your measurement was 2.35" then multiply by .75 equals 1.76".
You would measure down from the bulls-eye 1.76" and mark it.

Once the target is marked, point the bore sight at the mark you made.
Sight the scope to the bulls-eye. That should be it and it should be close.
Again, fine tuning will be required, and you’ve saved a few more rounds.

  1. Remember to remove the bore sight before you start shooting. LoL.

  2. Have fun and stay safe.

What do y’all think? If it saves $15-20 ammo, why not try it, right?
Post more tips and tricks if you got em.

Edited the example to what my center line measurement was.


@ValorSolo, Any tips or tricks to save rounds and speed up sighting in is always welcome. Thank you sir!


@Festus there is some on utube type 2 shot zeroing


@hunter1916 Yes lot’s of great Information! I like the one with the 10 yard 2 dot target spacing is 1.9 inches dots and Grid center to center works well for your 50 yard base,Starting point.


Thank you for the detailed info. :+1:t3:


It really depends on the type of firearm/optic that you’re trying to get sighted in.
IMO,99% of all the laser type bore sighting tools are worthless junk,especially the ones that you insert into the muzzle end of a barrel. The laser isn’t perfectly centered in the tool,and if you turn it while it is inserted in the barrel,you will see that it will make a very large circle on any surface that it’s pointing at. The farther away,the larger the circle will be.

On any weapon that you can actually look through the bore - Bolt action rifle,AR-15 type rifle/pistol,etc.,the simplest way to bore sight is to secure the rifle or upper assembly in a rest or bag,and look through the bore,and adjust the optic to the bore on a target. I use 1" round orange stickers on a blank sheet of computer paper usually at 100 yards,for shorter range weapons I sight in at 50 yards.
Once you have the barrel/optic bore sighted visually,shoot 1 shot. Line up the optic back on the orange dot,and adjust the reticle/dot to the 1st shot hole on the target.
Then take a 2nd shot,it should be really close to hitting the orange dot,and then make your final adjustments to the optic.
Shoot a 3rd shot,and you should be sighted in.

On firearms that you can’t look through the bore,I use a bore sighting collimator. It beats using one of those laser gadgets all day long,and will get you on paper the very first shot.


I paired a Nikon 4-12x with my Marlin 7795 today. Zero attempt to boresight 'cause first three shot group was dead on the windage and 5" low at 25 yards. 80 clicks of elevation in one gross adjustment and the bullseye was quickly eliminated. Math can be your friend.

Optic has a BDC reticle and the 3rd mark down from the crosshairs delivered 100yd bullseye’s.

Footnote: Not fake news. If you look up the 7795, you’ll think I mistyped. I actually have the only 7795 in existence. It is a Marlin 795 with a Marlin 7000 barrel in a Marlin 7000 plastic stock.

Slickest sight ins happen with my ATN digital scope. That one is a WYSIWYG sight in - shoot, move crosshair to the hole you made and store the zero for that setup. I need to do lots more playing with it but I can store multiple zeros for different loads and/or different firearms.


Before buying the bore sight laser, I read a ton of reviews stating the same.
Decided to buy one anyways and it has been pretty reliable and gets it close.
I’ve seen people using the method where you look down the bore, I like it.
Just don’t trust that I didn’t move the gun and would have to set up a vise to do it.


@ValorSolo … I think I have an older/cheaper version of a similar laser boresighter. It has always been good enough to get me on paper at 25 yards and that’s all I’ve needed. If I can get point of aim and point of impact on the same paper - a little math and a few clickies can move them together.


The ATN is pretty slick for sighting in. 2 shots is all it takes. My thermal sight is the same way as are almost all other electronic scopes. Another thing nice about them is you can tell the scope the range and wind conditions and it will automatically shift the crosshairs for proper P.O.I. Almost makes decent shooters out of mediocre ones.


Same here, that’s all I need it to do. Fortunately, mine gets me closer than that.
Makes the math easier. Lol. At any rate, if it gets you on paper, it’s saving rounds.

I’ll be using the method in the first post tomorrow. I’ll post the results.


So I kinda want to sight my 45-70 in at 150 yards.
Easier to adjust for inside 100 yards, than out to 200 yards.
Keeps me inside the kill zone from 100 out to 200 yards.
I won’t likely be shooting past that, maybe 250, but I doubt it.
Would like to do this with my 300 BO, also 350 Legend.

Any thoughts?

The above is with the scopes I have now.
All will be mute if I upgrade. Lol

And I didn’t make it to the range today. Maybe next weekend.


I have been using the SiteLite (SL-100) Mag Laser Boresighter Ballistic Sight-in Program for a while now (about $100). The program ask’s you to type in some bullet and optic height info and then prints out a target for the distance you want to zero it at. LIne up the optic with the boresighter at a much shorter distance that you have typed in and have to work with and it is zeroed at that longer distance. I feel very confident before I head to the range using this system.


@Texprep @ValorSolo @Dred i used the two shot that i seen on utube secured gun took shot at bull then without moving gun adjusted scope to bullet hole and walla it worked next shot was in the bull all done at 25 yards i find the bore sighter only gets you close but not close enough


I think the bore sight manufacturing process is not so great on most of these units.
Some will get you closer than others and some probably not close at all.
Maybe even a few out there that may get it dead on. Doubtful, but possible.
I got lucky I guess. Mine gets me close enough to save a few rounds.


I bought one of the laser bore sighting tools. Had wonderful reviews too. And like @Txhillbilly said, twist it in the bore and you get a nice circle where it shines. I tried to get the circle as small as possible, didn’t help much. The good thing, didn’t pay all that much for it and my dog loves to chase the dot. Went back to the tried and true method of actually looking down the bore, getting it aligned with something, typically a door knob and then go from there.


@Festus Yes good tools! Unless ya live in AK yes they all sell the different models’ But No One carry’s the battery’s But as how they are classified as a Hazards Material to Ship, IE Sportsmens Whore House’ Fred Meyers, Western Auto etc etc etc!! $80 for a can of Duracoat /Barge AML.:upside_down_face:


@DivaMarie That sir, made my day!


@Festus What the ‘‘heck’’ A:rofl: little dry humor first thing in the (AM) Good for Some!:rofl:


This is where eBay or Amazon is your friend. I need 3 different size batteries for my red dots and scope reticles and I buy 12-packs for a couple bucks. They last as long as name-brand batteries (they’re probably manufactured at the same plant) and it doesn’t break the bank.