Sig Sauer P365 Upgrades

Hello M*Carbo brotherhood.

What are some Sig P365 firearm issues or ideas that M*Carbo can solve?

Spoiler alert: We are already working on a stainless steel striker sleeve that eliminates the dreadful dissassembly process with the plastic OEM Striker Sleeve.


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I was going to say the same regarding Glock 43’s……………


I fiddle with my XL far too often, and a couple basic part replacements caught my imagination. A few of these were probably brought up on MCarbo’s Youtube videos (by me or others), but definately worth repeating in my opinion. If at any point components like these are in the works or already exist, please let me know. :crossed_fingers:t3:

  1. A mag release stop that isn’t flimsy plastic, or at least has better geometry for removal/reinstallation. There are too many different mag release options on the market for the component that retains them not to have been upgraded as well.

  2. A more robust striker housing. It was brought up in the flat trigger install video y’all posted, and I 100% agree. I was so nervous messing with mine when I installed the lightweight striker (great product btw) and I still get nightmares.

  3. A slightly elongated slide catch lever. I have stumpy thumbs, so while the lever itself is a good shape, it would be great if it reached 1mm or two further towards the rear of the slide, so I don’t have to adjust my grip to reach it. I especially notice this while reloading under pressure.

  4. A striker control device. I know a better man would roll his eyes and correct me by stating a manual saftey already exists for the 365, but I am curious to try one on something other than a Glock. I think it’s a nifty idea for people who want an alternative to the manual saftey for safer draws and reholsterings, especially for appendix carry.

  5. A CNC machined Fire Control Unit, with tighter tolerances, better geometry and a slick finish; like chrome or Nickel Boron on high wear areas. I understand this one’s basically impossible, but I’d also settle for swapping components in the stock FCU other than the trigger and a few springs if they met this criteria. Just sayin’. :man_shrugging:t2:

I could probably think of more, but this is getting obnoxious.


@Lrivers1995 I shared your wish list with a friend here that totally agreed with your #1 and #3. :+1:

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Are there any plans to tease the new striker sleeve developement through a post on the forum or Youtube?

I have to agree with the mag release stop. I would definitely get a couple for my 365’s