Sig Sauer P365 Striker Housing question

So I just noticed they came out with the p365 striker housing, but it doesn’t really go into much detail on the product description. Was wondering, what is the material it is made of, plastic or metal. Is it any different or exactly the same? Would ask the questions on the product page but seems to not be working.


It is the Factory striker housing sleeve. M*Carbo has it listed on the site because no one offers it alone without the whole striker assembly for replacement.

But, they are working on a stainless steel version that eliminates the dreadful disassembly with the factory sleeve. The factory one, once removed a handful of times it is nearly broken, which is crazy for such a vital component. Here is the sneak peak……shhh.


Wow those metal ones look awesome! Definitely gonna grab one up when they are available. The plastic one on my p365xl is completely marred up. Afraid to mess with it any more. Thanks for the reply!


I don’t see how it keeps the back plate in place. I’d be interested in seeing how they will achieve it. But ready to do away with the plastic sleeve.


Any idea when these come out? Hopefully they haven’t canceled. Mine got pretty mangled in the striker upgrade.

Hello, we just finished manufacturing the first production batch of the Stainless Steel Sig P365 Striker Sleeve Housings. We are sending them off to be electropolished this week. I would expect a release date of 3-5 weeks!


Electropolish is essential IMO. My MCarbo SS sleeve that I bought for the SA Hellcat sits in a drawer, because it was too rough and had a “catching” feeling over the striker. The original PVC one didn’t and didn’t break either.

Now, the P365XL that I have has a different sleeve release mechanism than the P365, I think, based on what I see, that this is for the P365?

any news on these? just busted a striker housing and I don’t really want to replace it with something that’s just going to get mangled the next time I take my backplate off.

We have finished testing them this week, as we shoot all new products A LOT before release. A little behind the scenes, we used 16 different Sig P365’s for testing this product to better ensure success. The only reason for delay is we were looking into metal striker retainer cups to offer a complete assembly.