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Sig Sauer P320 AXG Scorpion

Yeahhhh, I’m gonna need one of these uns!


Yup, me too!
I’ve been waiting for this guy.:+1:t3::us:


Like I do with most good movies, I cried at the end.

I’m gonna need one too.


Certainly is an interesting development, I like the idea. That said, I’m still waiting for the P210 Carry to materialize…yeah, I know it’s single stack and has limited capacity, blah blah woof woof…

Speaking of guns no one else wants, I missed out on what appeared to be a good GunBroker deal for a lightly used P226 Legion SAO in black earlier today. The seller wasn’t an FFL, had no rating and only supplied a few photos showing the left side of the gun. I asked questions, wanted more photos…and someone snagged it in the interim. Was probably in tip top shape.

You big, bearded girl… :grinning:


Sorry, brother, I was afraid you’d beat me to it. :joy:
I was a bit leery of the NR, but the seller was verified, so I figured I’d chance being a first buyer for them. I hate that the mags are 10 round, but the other upgrades were well worth the price, and I should be able to get a little bit for them.


Hey, small world, no worries. Ya snooze, ya lose…and I was napping.

Question, did you just buy it this evening? I got a notice it was relisted, the gun actually sold around midday today the first time, guess I shouldn’t have been so hasty to remove it from my watch list. Looks like I missed out on it twice…just the kind of day I’m having…

I figured they were probably legit but I did find it odd that the gun was only photographed from the left side. I just think when it’s a used gun they need to show a bit more to instill a little confidence in the buyer. They had plenty of time to respond before it sold and didn’t so…

Not a problem in the People’s Republic of Maryland. We can own any capacity of mag, we just can’t buy them within the state, which includes online. Yeah, stupid, but that pretty much defines the gun hating Democrats in Annapolis. They’re too dumb to realize they’re hurting businesses in the state, driving commerce out of state as well as depriving themselves of sales tax dollars they could piss away on some useless initiative or line their pockets with…but that’s starting to sound political so I’ll stop there. What’s really irritating to me is the 10 rounders usually cost the same as the higher cap mags, paying the same price for less really chaps my ass.

You probably got yourself a really nice gun for a really decent price. Feel free to post photos here when you get it, we’ll be happy to drool over it. Plenty of SIG fanboys here. :drooling_face:


Yes, this evening. I didn’t realize it was relisted; that is concerning.

I noticed that too, but decided to give him benefit of the doubt. I’m hoping it doesn’t get me bit.

Yeah, that seems kinda dumb. Also dumb is new “high cap” P226s still come with the old 15 round magazines, when Mec Gar has been selling same-size 18 rounders for years, but new P229s come with shorter 15 round mags. :man_facepalming:

will do


Bro … take a hard look at the 10 rounders. As a 1911 guy, I have limited experience with full size, double stack 10 rounders. Kel Tec sent me a free mag after the barrl recall. It was a 10 rounder. The 10 rounder was actually a 17 round mag which was dimpled to block the follower from accepting the remaining 7 rounds.

Drilled out the dimple and it’s been a 17 rounder with an extra hole ever since.

Then, there are two sizes of 10 round M&P 15-22 mags. The full size 10 rounders hace a long plastic extension on the bottom of the follower to block the follower from accepting the remaining 15 rounds. Simple snip and it’s a functional 25 round mag.

So, on full sized mags, figure out how they are blocking the follower, defeat the block and restore full capacity.

There are two reasons they cost the same. Firstly, they are the same mag with additional engineering to limit capacity. And, sometimes, it’s just about the joy of kicking folks when they are down. You restricted state types don’t get to be as price sensitive as us free state folk.


If I recall correctly it looked like possibly a gun shop, at least someone with an FFL, was the first purchaser. It’s not that uncommon for something to relist. I accidentally bid on and won magazines that were legal in MD but missed the fact that the seller stated they would not ship to MD regardless, so that lead to a relisting of the item.

It’s possible they only took a few photos figuring it would easily sell given the price and the gun that it is, maybe not realizing only the left side was shown. Certainly a reasonable assumption, it’s a SIG, a Legion, it looked clean and the price was pretty good. Or maybe they just didn’t want to expose the serial number and only shot the left side…hard to say for sure.

I do hope for your sake that it’s in great condition, in all seriousness. From what could be seen it did look immaculate, certainly not heavily used or abused in any way. We all take a chance buying online, particularly from auction sites like GunBroker, it’s a lot different when you’re standing in a gun store where you can actually inspect and handle the thing. I’ve been very fortunate with all my online gun purchases to date and it’s a great way to get a great deal on great guns. We’ll be optimistic and say that’s what happened with the Legion today until we know otherwise. :wink:

I think with the ones shown in the GB photos, he’ll be stuck with 10. Some of them are dimpled, as you say, but those (in the listing) actually use an extended plastic base pad with a shortened metal mag body to accomplish the 10 round limit. I believe they’re actually made by Mecgar in Italy for SIG as I’ve got two that are identical to them but Mecgar brand. The base pads are robust and the bodies are of good quality, they’re great mags, just a little short on capacity for those living in a free world…

On my Tippmann M4-22, they made short 10 rounders as well as 25 round length 10 rounders. All it took to get the 25 rounds back was opening up the mag and removing a tiny 1/8" diameter pin, almost as if the manufacturer intended it to be removed after purchase. I call that good design. :grinning: