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Sig P938 triggers

I am in the process of buying a Sig P938 Sports13 9mm. The first thing I want to do is replace the stock plastic trigger. Preferably with something skeletonized in stainless steel or aluminum. I have been looking at the W Engineering trigger in matte stainless as my top choice but their site shows most all triggers out of stock. Sent a message to them but no response as of yet. Also tried internet for sales and can’t seem to find a source that isn’t sold or also out of stock. Most comments about them are a few years old, so not sure if they are so popular they are just sold out or if they are just no longer in production. Have also looked at RTK and IDP triggers as possible alternatives. Does anyone have any experience with replacement triggers for the Sig P938 or know where I can possibly find the trigger I am looking for.


I am sitting on a yet to be installed aluminum trigger. I’m posting to share that I found it after scouring the Sig forums.

Sooner or later I’ll take it down to install the trigger and the single sided safety.


I used the Galloway Precision with MCARBO springs


I used the Grayguns aluminum trigger on my P238 and P938. Not skeletonized but a great improvement over the stock trigger. It comes with a trigger spring and follower to help smooth the trigger pull.


I also went with the Grayguns. You are correct, it does give a much better feel and the geometry seems to help reduce trigger pull weight. Along with the Mcarbo spring kit, it has reduced the trigger pull by about 50 per cent. .


I just repurposed a couple P290 magazines to come up with 8+1 capacity and better “pinky control”.
I got the idea from this article DIY Sig P938 Rail & 8rd Magazine -The Firearm Blog

Found it very easy to do. It gave me some quality time with the DREMEL ( after measuring accurately) the cuts took about 5 minutes.
Since the baseplate has the hump like the p365 12 and 15 round mags I had to remove it also. Have not fired it yet but it operates flawlessly in cycle testing,holding the slide open just like the other 938 mags.
I tried the PROMAG 10 rounders but too many FTF FTE issues. Their mag was too short in front to back dimension and rocked in mag well.

I see Sig Saure is dumping these mags