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Sig p938 Mechanical Accuracy?

My Sig 938 leaves much to be desired. Love the size. Ergonomics are great minus two dings:
-The trigger reach is short and the trigger guard is small making it a bit tough to get your index finger on the trigger.
-The safety is way too hard to actuate. If can clear it off ok, but I need to use my support hand to put it back on.

It is very picky on ammo. I find that it feeds Hornady JHP well, but that is about all that is 100% reliable feeding. Even the Sig branded stuff has questionable feeding.

The trigger is hell. 8lbs. On a single action. Tried the MCarbo kit, but then I got light primer strikes. Tried a professional gunsmith trigger job, which brought it down to about an awesome 5lb, but then I was occasionally going full auto with the most powerful ammo I tried, either because the sear wasn’t reengaging the hammer or a human factors thing. Sent it back to Sig and they put it back to 8lb. So, still have the stupid trigger, but no longer shooting out lights on the range.

Finally, accuracy is terrible no matter how much I concentrate on a slow deliberate squeeze. The 8lb trigger is no help, but I am also thinking that this gun has the loosest barrel lockup of any handgun I’ve ever handled.

Anyone else have similar gripes about this gun?

I’d love to see MCarbo put mine on a ransom rest and see just how good or bad it is despite the service rifle weight trigger pull. The 938 might benefit from a gunsmith fit barrel, but no one makes one of those for the 938. I’m not asking for much, just the ability to get within 6" of POA at 7 yards. (most of my scatter is low-left of POA so likely a result of trigger pull and grip, but that barrel can’t be doing me any favors.


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My experience is just the opposite of yours. It’s my EDC and besides being reliable as hell, it’s accurate at 50’ (6" groups which is hella great for me) even with such a short sight radius. Mine eats any kind of ammo, from cheap WWB on up - I usually carry with Hydrashok or HST, but I’ve used Hornadys too. Its trigger pull is 3lb 11oz unmodified - I don’t want anything lighter - and smooth as butter, especially after polishing the sear and hammer. The safety isn’t hard to move on or off and it clicks positively either way - I carry chambered with the hammer cocked and safety on.

I can’t say it’s a pleasure to shoot - recoil and barrel flip are stout for this guy with arthritis, but what do you expect for a gun this light? 30 or 40 shots at the range and I’m ready to pick up a .45 instead. LOL

There are two things I don’t really like about it. The first is the ejector must be pushed down to get the slide back on, and it’s awkward. The second is the firing pin block is opposite what it should be. The firing pin should be blocked UNLESS the block is positively moved out of the way by a trigger pull, but on the 938 it’s UNBLOCKED unless the ejector is fully up. It works but I’d rather it work the same way 99% of guns with a firing pin block do.

There aren’t many 9mm pocket pistols and my job makes IWB ungood. The 938 is high quality and I wouldn’t EDC it if I didn’t think it was reliable and would do the job. I don’t know why yours isn’t similar in trigger pull and accuracy - the heavy pull is almost certainly the cause of some of your problems with it. One thing I notice is since the trigger is small, you have to watch out for using the crease of your finger instead of farther out.

Bottom line is if a gun doesn’t work out for you, find one that does because your life depends on it.


I’ll trade you guns!

The factory trigger weight in the manual for the P239/938 is now listed as 7.5 to 8.5lb so I am smack in the middle of the spec. I’d sell mine and buy a Legion, but a Sig rep told me they are not allowed to do any trigger enhancement on any P238/938 so my 8lb pull is the best they can provide these days. The Legion has a flat aluminum trigger, but I bet it is at least 7.5lb too.

I agree with your last line. If it isn’t good, dump it and move on. Just not sure of what would be a reliable alternative in a 1911 form factor of this size. Have to decide to keep working on what I have or roll the dice on an alternative. I don’t want a DA/SA, DAO, or SF. I like a manual safety on a pocket pistol, and if I am accepting a safety, I want the benefits of SAO. Unfortunately, the 938 has lost most of the SAO benefits.


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You might want to see if Kimber’s Micro 9 is what you need. https://www.kimberamerica.com/pistols/micro-9. Expensive, but well made.



My 938 is my second 938 - I also had a 238.

@phuzzy42 has clearly been peeking over my shoulder. He’s got t’s criossed and I’s dotted pretty good. I’d try another. Buy local so you can pick good lockup and decent trigger pull.


you might want to look at the Springfield Armory 1911 9mm - new for 2019. comes in several different configurations including one with Hogue soft finger groove grips (my favorite grip) and several with lasers. MSRP is listed at over $600, but we just picked one up at the Security and intelligence company I work with for about $300. Haven’t fired it yet but looks good and very similar to the Sig 938 in size.


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Have you considered a 365?
I didn’t, but, bought one anyway, then, bought a second one.
Both will shoot 3" groups @ 25 yards.
First one had an 8# trigger, Put in a spring kit and it’s about 5-6#
Second one is 5-6#

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