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Sig P365 SAS RMR Adapter

Get them while you can!!


I put one on my Sig 220…might have been another brand; not sure…but the problem
I had was the two tiny bolts that hold the sight onto the mount would loosen, even with red loktite. I think the main problem was, there is very little thickness in the plate and therefore the thread depth was insufficient.

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I’ll pass, for me the stock sights are a better fit for how and when I carry the SAS verse my 365 XL,

Don’t get me wrong, I love red dots on pistols, I just dont think they’re a good option for the SAS between the lack of a front sight (a very useful reference point to get the pistol aligned enough to get the dot to appear in the window) and that I typically carry the SAS when i cant carry anything bigger and a red dot (especially one mounted as obnoxiously high as this) will interfere with this.

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They just went back IN STOCK, orders are 1st come 1st served. I got mine.
Update3/5/21 These are now OUT OF STOCK

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I have my 507K mounted and went to shoot it in yesterday.

WIth very little shoot in required I found a good setting from a rested position.

Then shot a rested target 3 shot group to verify setting

Then shot a 15 yd standing group

THe 507K fits,feels and shoots like it was made for the 365.

MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO FROM NAMELESS ARMAMENT. And use a hairdryer to warm up the thread locker that might be there.

For those that remember my thread with the SAS bullseye sight adjustment I should have remember the screws were T9 but listened to the video and they said T8. I guess I am more of a sheeple than I realized and used a T8
You will be told that the OEM sight mounting screws are T8 screw heads. mine were T9 so the first screw got stripped out, so out with the drill and all that stuff. I suggest use a hairdryer to soften up any thread locker that might be there.

My plate went in perfectly with no need to “fit” anything, screws were correct length and plate fit snugly into the OM slide pocket.

I called Sig about the screwhead T9 pocket and was told by them their spec is @T8. They said I must have gotten bad screws. Since I did not have a matching pair they said they would send me a new set. I will give an update when I get new screws
My T9 fits, the just arrived, screws from Sig…I suggest If someone wants to SAVE the original screws and OM sight start by using a T9 first and if it will not fit then go smaller.

When I was done shooting I turned on the laser I have mounted and the dots were Around 1" apart (vertically) at 10yds.
By the way I do not like the Sig laser ( the activation switch is way bad) waiting to get my Armalight TR27 next week. Here is a pistol in the local gun store

Any feed back from any one doing this please let me know how it went !!!