Sig P365 pretravel/take up

I have a Sig P365 that is my everyday carry with a few modifications. One is that I put it on a P365xl lower so now the magazines are 12 rounders but they have the Maguts springs which give two extra rounds. I’ve put the complete spring kit from Mcarbo as well as the adjustable flat trigger. Would have the new firing pin in but it’s on its way again lol. Question I have with all that’s been done it’s made it so much better in feel and my shot pattern is much tighter especially after the spring kit which makes it where you can feel the wall so much better but the trigger still has a bit of pretravel and it’s all in the striker release safety. I can get rid of it but the the safety key piece would be standing up and it would catch on the slide end plate unless I cut a groove out of it. Anyone else try this or come up with a better way to get rid of the pretravel/take up? Thx

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I like the pre-travel on my 365XL.
Is not a target pistol, safety is important to me.

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On a legal note, for future reference. In a defensive use scenario, or God forbid an accidental discharge, your decision to disable a safety mechanism could be the make or break in a case. If it was for competition or experimental fun gun, then maybe, but EDC… no way.
OEM or aftermarket mods are designed to maintain factory safety features, to avoid liability claims while still increasing performance.

Not having done any research on the 365 aftermarket support, i’d be willing to bet theres a trigger kit out there with adjustable travel. Its a pretty popular platform.