Sig P365 Firing pin spring

I am looking for the small spring in the P365 striker assy. Sig customer service says it is not available separately. The spring appears to be a minor buffer to absorb some slight cushion of the firing pin plastic sleeve. Please correct me if I am wrong.
Thank you


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Check the bottom of this page…
Not sure exactly which spring you are referring to.

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WOW that was fast, thank you the spring that looks like the striker reset spring listed on page 2 seems to be the one, I ordered it and we will see. Thank you so much
I will post a picture of my P365 with the MCARBO Short Reset Straight Tigger. It really shoots nice for a small handgun, had a Springfield XDs that I carried before this, it was a 45 cal and too much for my old wrist to handle.
Thank you again


Sig stopped using the striker return springs for the P365 in mid 2021.


Thank you, my next thing if I couldn’t find the spring was to try it without it. It’s a very soft spring up against the stronger striker spring.