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Sig Manufacture Dates

If you’re interested when your Sig firearm was manufactured, this thread is a good starting point.


I condensed it all into a readable Excel spreadsheet for anyone interested.


Great job! Now do it for Glocks. Lol.

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Give me the raw data and I’ll be happy to. I don’t own any Glocks so you get to do the dirty work. :wink:

People should let me know if there are any additions or corrections to the Sig list.

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Oh… That was intended to be a joke. Myself? I don’t own any firearms. Guns, especially black ones, are dangerous. I am just here for the likes.


@TexasEskimo Same here, I just like the jokes…oh, and the Level 3 Lounge booby pictures.


Shhh… dont tell our secrets

Can I join the club? Is it like buying a pool pass for the pool on the roof?

This is a great resource, thank you for sharing. I was unable to find my 365 listed or M400. I will swing on over to the Sig Forum and see if there is more there. Thank you