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Does anyone know of a way to adjust windage. The 365SAS slide is OK and I like the elevation that the bullseye gives but at 25YDS it shoots 7 inches to the left.

I talked to customer service at Sig and they said there is a video somewhere that shows how to adjust them. I THINK SIG IS PASSING THE BUCK.
MAC channel video seems to be telling the truth. I am correct did I just get taken ? Or is this just a good sight for 0-15 yds ?


@Turmeric I mean this in the nicest way possible, but why on God’s green Earth are you shooting a belly gun at 25 yards? That’s not the purpose of the 365SAS. It’s meant for point shooting and 7 yards or closer. Taking that gun to 25 yards is like taking a Prius to the race track and wondering why you’re not breaking any records.


@kona a personal Defense Weapon is meant just for that, Personal Defense.
If some lunatic is taking potshots at me or someone around me and if it is coming down on me with a large weapon I bet he will not be within 25yds. from me.
I want at least a fighting chance to defend and know I am not shooting a foot or more low.If I am ON at 25yds. I can use knowledge of ballistics to compensate.
By the way I am not trying to take a PRIUS to the level of a LEAR jet, I am just trying to keep the wheels safely on the road.
I am just checking to make sure I was not experiencing something wrong. ELEVATION wise it is great I guess I will just have to compensate at distance.



But I put a hood scoop and wing on my Prius. :grin:


You joke, but I’m pretty sure it has been done…


@Turmeric if you can draw from concealment and repeatedly bust a man sized target from within 7 yards with that gun, then you are good to go. That’s what I would be spending my time working on with that gun. My 2 cents is all.


Just trying to find out if there was any info out there on windage adjustment that I was not seeing. Hell I can hit 4.5-5 inch groups at 25yds but they are 6" to the left


Can’t seem to find it at the moment but I feel like there was a thread or portion of a thread where this particular sight was being discussed/debated for it’s use on a compact carry shooter. Thinking @ValorSolo and maybe @Chris19d might have been involved in it…sorry if I’m wrong on that one, gents…


There is no windage or elevation adjustment on the sight. Shooting left of point of aim is common with these but often becomes less pronounced with practice

@chilipepper it was one of the threads about the sig p365 sas


Bingo, that sounds right. :+1: I knew you’d know.


I found this from @EM44052 Up in Your Newest Firearm Thread. Talking about the SAS. The target was from 7 yards. and the pictures make me feel good. That looks like mine at 20 yds.

My last 6 rounds of ammo at the range. 20yds, holding on the right bull. The last shot was at the right edge of the right bull. About 5.5-6 inches left @20 yds.
Like @KONA said about the Prius, wondering why I ain’t breaking any records,hell I just want to to stay on the pavement.


Is that rear sight dovetailed in place and can it be drift adjusted right or left?

Just watched a few videos and read some posts, doesn’t look like there is any conventional way to adjust those sights. One guy talked about having used a laser bore sight and playing with the rear sight torx screws. He was able to get the windage adjusted but still had a problem with it shooting low. Good luck with it.


No dovetail. It is recessed into the top of the slide.
There might be .5mm of twist in the recess so I am going to try resetting the screws and see if that might help. next thing is complain to Sig.
Maybe that these are a problem slides they had and they are actually refurbished.

Hmmm … funny Sig parts story for ya. Bout 3 or 4 years ago they blew 10mm 1911 mags out for 'bout $10 each. I have a dozen that I finally started taking out of package this year. They are cobranded Wilson Combat and Sig. They are junk and won’t feed my 1911 that runs perfectly with mags from 3 other sources plus feeds with most of my 45ACP mags. Today I ordered 6 sets of replacement springs and followers from Tripp Research.

How is their response time ? Have you looked into Gunsprings.com ?

I do agree with this, but I’m shooting 6-7" low at 7 yards. I think this is a problem.
My groups are fine and windage is centered, but I got to find a way to shoot higher.


@ValorSolo Have you tried any of the 147 or 150 gr. subsonic rounds?


I think there’s a problem too.
It should do a lot better than that.
My experience shooting at 7 yds was a little low but with more time behind the sights this improved profoundly.


@Don68 No. I’ve shot a variety, but no subsonic. mostly 115 and 124 gr.

@AV8R I’m expecting it to improve as I acclimate to this type sight.
But only by an inch or two. That’s still very low at 4-5 inches.

Today I shot 3 different pistols in the session. All laid out and loaded.
I grab one, shot 5 rounds, grab the next, shot 5 rounds, and so on.
Of course one was my new Bullpup9. Then my G2c and P365 SAS.
G2c was mostly dead center. Bullpup was close enough, a bit low.
This leads me to believe my stance/grip/technique is not to blame.


Maybe time to talk to Sig it should do better than that.