Sidekick 22 revolver?

What was the reasoning behind Diamondbacks announcement of the Sidekick 22 revolver way back in October, saying it would be released November 22, then no dealers have them in stock. Poor marketing if you ask me!


@hwblair Hey Herb welcome to the Brotherhood. Diamondback “may” have released the revolver on the 22nd. They go to distributors and wholesalers first to be entered into the system. Then the dealers have to order what they want, receive the order, and enter it in their books. We all know how long U.P.S. or Fed-X takes to deliver stuff. Hang tight.


Another option thats alot easier to find. Heritage 9 shot revolvers. They also come with 22lr and 22mag cylinders. They are single action only but they are also about 100 dollars cheaper. I got a customer who just got one and loves it. Just thought i would mention it.