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Show Us Your SUB2000!


You should wrap some of that Paracord around your charging handle, gives you a much better grip/feel unless you buy the recoilless CH from mcarbo…


Debating buying the recoilless handle. I have read some articles on it, compared go the brass bolt from keltec.


Even if it’s temporary, Paracord feels pretty good wrapped around the CH.


A cut off Mag light handle works well for a better grip/pull also!


I recently purchased the recoilless charging handle and highly recommend it. I haven’t pinched my finger even once since I installed it.


Just got my first sub M&P 9 in today. I’ve got some work to do this weekend.


It really doesn’t take long, if you’ve watched the video, I think that might be the longest process, and I’d watch it twice before starting and watch as you go and you should be golden, I was a little scared to crack mine open but once I did, it was a piece of :cake::grin:


It was easy for me too. The video is an excellent step by step tutitorial and very explanatory. You should do just fine.


Normally, I don’t try to correct people, but as silly as it is, I almost peed my pants laughing, and I don’t know why, I guess it’s the kid in me… Tutitorial LMAO… No offense @T.L.Buck please forgive my immaturity


Really…?..ok, so what should I have said?


I should have said instructional video…


As I’ve said it is a very immature thing that just made me laugh, you spelt tutorial, tutitorial… Again, I apologise for my immaturity


as I picked up the set,and this is after i put the red lion on my gen-1. got 2 more parts to pickup (internal) from MCARBO

then i will start saving my pennies for the flip optic mount.IMG_1121M


I guess that what I get for depending on auto correct and not wearing my readers… lol


It was a breeze. Didn’t take long. One of the grip pins was stripped. Undersrand now why new ones are needed. The only issue I might have caused myself is the hinge point screws. I was so excited to get the job done, instead of using blue Loctite, I used the Loctite 380.


If you used new carbon steel pins and screws, you don’t need locktite on any of the screws…


@Omnivious Chris Nelson in his video highly recommends using blue Loctite on the 2 steel hinge pins to keep them from backing out.


Went to the range yesterday and quite happy with the trigger springs. Just saw the new trigger bar and that’s in my future.


I disagree. Use medium strength blue Locktite 242 on those.


Yes, he does, but maybe it’s just my screws, they are very snug and don’t come when I get them tight, I guess only time will tell, maybe once I break mine in, it’ll be loose