M*CARBO Brotherhood

Show Us Your SUB2000!


Here is my 9mm S&W Sub2000 with the muzzle break installed.IMG_20180516_194239482%20(640x338)IMG_20180516_193137449%20(640x477)IMG_20180516_201007575%20(640x444)




Km55 thank you very much for re opening most of the topics. Now I have to go take a picture of my now halfway new to me sub that I didn’t get because of recall and now fancy new brake.


Why your welcome any time I can help you have more to do just ask


Love it, that’s some m&p porn for ya


the wife is leaving this weekend for a sewing retreat when is a good day for you to go shoot.


In my best doc Holliday voice “say when”, no seriously whenever. I was telling the wife I have a new BF I haven’t even met yet so whenever you want.


I will get back to you on that. weekday or weekends


I don’t normally get home til 6 or after but I’m off on the weekends.


Hi Gents,

MCARBO Recoilless Charging Handle
MCARBO Muzzle Brake
MCARBO Bolt Cover Tube
Midwest Red Dot Mount
Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Red Dot Optics
Streamlight TRL-1 HL Tactical Light
Magpul AFG

Nothing done inside the gun… yet.


How do you like the Romeo?


It looks the part. Haven’t shot with it yet… I will definitely let you know.


Still waiting for my muzzle break. Bsa dot only temporary, have a new Nikon reflex on order. AFG grip is the berries, have a magpul straight on standby until i get the other 45* offset(but i heard about a flip mount in skunkworks.) Considering the red lion flip front sight, would like to have the notch rear but it doesn’t look like they’ll ever be off back order.



A few pics of my gen2.





ATI recoil pad, single sling strap, multi am paracord with water pipe insulation for cheek rest, folding rear sight(metal), crimsontrace green laser, Fab Defense foregrip. Would love to add mcarbo red dot mount next…I hope they go into production with the mounts.