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Show Us Your SUB2000!


Hello Wedge,
If you decide on the white here is the paint for you. Excellent paint for polymer.
Krylon colormaster paint + primer. Satin or gloss white.


I agree that is why I won’t get one. to much money. the rail system on the S2K will do for the average shooter.


I actually think that the Red Lion products a lot (not the screws). I was probably looking at the thing for 8 months.

Then I literally got it the other day and I was upset at myself actually, until I received the products. Just like you mentioned, you pay a ton for what feels like too little. Then I got it, and I swear I probably will only shoot this at the range for a hot minute, and the quality is mind blowing. The Flip up sight is also almost even more impressive than the Forend. The goal was to make the ultimate truck gun and we are well on our way.

If you go with the Red Lion they will not disappoint. Unfortunately, you have to pay to play just as it is with anything these days. The screws are not good and will probably rust now that they are stripped( I believe in oxidation). The tech behind the rotation is also fantastic, those threads are drool worthy.

Would I buy it again, yes.


How much heavier would you say the Red Lion forend hand guard is over the stock plastic one?


I would say its probably 10-12oz more than stock. At trigger guard the weapon still balanced to the rear with current addon’s. With a red dot we will be near 50/50.

I will remove the forend for the scale weight when I source new carbon screws(I decided to use Loctite yesterday Lol oh joy).

Stock is reading 6.83oz. The scale couldn’t scale the Kel Tec >gross. So home scale says i weigh 169.3 lbs, with Kel Tec I’m 175.5lbs. Meaning Kel Tec = 6.2 LBS. Still fits in back pack I use for my motorcycle inside the laptop or water bladder compartment. Kawasaki h2 plus tactical Kel Tec = safe country summer ride!

Hope this sheds more light on the product.

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Nice job on the Color and Paint work !


Thanks. I will get the 40 cal. Nickel Boron next week. I think I will paint that one navy blue.
I hope it is as fun to shoot as the 9mm.


Don’t be afraid of the Sub-2000 .40, you will be fine…it is fun.


Hi dave67,
I am not afraid of the 40 cal. I just hope it shoots as accurate and flawlessly as my 9 mm does.


Ok, I just hear so much about .40 recoil and with some MCARBO upgrades that can be reduced. .40 is a bigger round so obviously some more kick, I don’t notice it. Please post the differences you notice between the two as I think alot of forum followers would like to hear that.


@dave67, “Me to” I am interested in the differences and @shoothemoon FOURM Brotherhood would like to hear that. p.s did you vote in that 9 vs.40 thread.


I have read on other forums that there are people that complain about the recoil of the 9 mm. My opinion is we have a few snowflakes out there. Sad but true.


Everybody is different, every caliber is different, every gun is different. It’s fun to read everyone’s experiences.


I will agree with you about the complaining over at other forums.I’m done with internet forums almost😉, That’s why I’m here on this (new forum) I’ve purchased m*carbo parts, I’ve witnessed their integrity in the form of world class customer service! I have grown tired of reading random non gun related nonsense what are they complaining about exactly? I don’t get it, the platform itself would suggest that they’re is going to be recoil involved, they’re is a fairly heavy weight brass in my case (bolt moving directly under and against your jaw bone) and a hard as rock stock, of course there’s going to be some recoil duh! Maybe they should have thought about that before they bought it, haha snowflake that’s funny.


You are correct. The S&W .40 has a bit more energy, but I would say you can plink easy. I’ve only shot I 9mm variation once OEM but my posted Kel Tec is a .40cal. I can say with confidence the upgraded Kel Tec recoils significantly less that OEM 9MM. This is only because MCARBO upgrades are flawless.

No less than 6 friends shot this on the range on Friday and will probably buy one now.

Would I purchase 9MM or 40S&W if I went back in time? .40 S&W every time.

However, please learn from me on my mistakes made on Saturday, do not ever shoot Aluminum. Please see my post linked below.

Aluminum Warning

Please be safe out there guys and happy plinkin’!


I have the .40 with every MCARBO goody and it’s nice to hear what you just said which is what I thought.


I saw some of that on facebook. One guy even said the 9mm version’s recoil was “brutal”. Seriously? I told him mine shot like an air rifle (it does to me) and to just let his boyfriend shoot it in the future. LOL


Now that was truly funny!


If they complaining about the recoil on the 9 mm there is a problem. I compare the recoil on my nine to a 22 lr. Very little recoil.


I can see it if someone still has fresh stitches from shoulder surgery or extremely severe arthritis or something, but for “normal” people? My wife loves shooting mine BECAUSE it has so little recoil. She doesn’t like most of my other rifles. :grinning: