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Show Us Your SUB2000!


That is sick indeed Mr Cuddles!. @Kona That RDB :open_mouth::exploding_head: oh my. That is how production RDBS should be made


@Kona did you see nutnfancy and Chad Enos AR vs RDB video?


@flogrown yes sir! Love Nutnfancy channel! I like his style a lot!


@Flogrown I have been advocating for a take down S2K for some time…be great to swap between set ups for competition!



@HandyDave Please tell us what you had done to the furniture, looks good.


I hydro dipped in a black blue digital camo with tan basecoat while i had it apart then put it back together with all the new mcarbo internals i ordered now it will run 50 round drum in about 5 seconds


@HandyDave You did it yourself? Have you done it before? Is it pretty simple to do…I have seen it done before.


Yes sir ive been doing hydrographics for allmost a year as a hobby that has turned into a side business making few extra bucks here and there it is just something that takes lots of pratice which can get expensive but its not to hard to learn just costly for the materials after awhile so learn from mistakes so you dont spend a bunch learning


here is couple other stocks ive done


@HandyDave OMG they are beautiful. Is the finish durable? You say side business, how does one get in touch with you about your services? I don’t know if I can ask that or if it can even be posted on this forum.


I live in nc and would be happy speak with you if your close if not i can find you a company close to you that does it


Hydrographics are very durable if done correctly and with right clear coat over it ive got a couple i had done else where before i started doin it and its been 3 years on some and they look like when i got them maybe few scuffs in clear coat but finish is fine


@Rex My buddy named his single shot 10ga goose gun, “Meat in the Pot”


Not only does your M&P look Good, it feels Good in the hand, great hand grip, natural feel.


Thanks for letting Bill shoot your M&P’s and especially the brand spanking new EZ .380. He liked shooting that so much his wife got in touch with me and she bought him one on the “Down-Low” for a Christmas gift.


OD Green is cool, do the different colors I have seen denote different calibers ? I have seen Navy Blue, OD Green, Dark Earth or Tan, Nickel Boron and of course Black.


Current sub setup, pondering some changes for the new year



No, colors are not caliber specific. Many different colors and two calibers, I have only seen Nickel Boron barrel and bolt tube on black.


I have some add-ons yet to be done but I’m on my way to utmost beauty ! 1547351239587-825073372|690x388