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Show Us Your SUB2000!


Winter Wonderland


@Kona I do like that barrel shroud! :grin::+1:

Did you just “clip” your rear sight?


@Kona That Really is a Outstanding Color and The Barrel Shroud is Sweet, Nice Work’:+1:


@Johnksg hacked it off with a prison shank :+1:t2:


@Kona that is kinda what I thought…


@Kona That “rear sight hacksaw removel” is not pretty especially the time you took for the front sight removel and sleeve, thats just me but…you need the Performance Services rear sight removel filler piece.


@dave67 I know I know lol. I’ll buy the delete eventually :+1:t2:


@dave67 is that MY pic? Its okay if it is but I agree with you 100%!

I do like the clean lines.


@Johnksg No, I got it off Performances Services web site. The front of Logans Sub looks so clean and the rear should match, I’m just really picky when it comes to stuff like that.


@dave67 I agree @jeffing65 put me on to them and I do like the clean lines!

Too bad their thread protector does NOT work!


@Johnksg For sure I don’t know how they can sell a front sight removel sleeve and it deletes the threads for a muzzle brake, makes no sense and that should be shown in pictures under the listing.


First shoot with more MCarbo mods (muzzle brake, trigger bar, aluminum trigger guard, Glock magazine release,recoilless CH):

Makes a difference in felt recoil and functioned great - no issues whatsoever, the trigger feel is like a whole new gun. THANK YOU MCarbo!!!


Better you than me. Grew up in the Midwest. Tired of shoveling the white stuff. Moved to Florida in 86 and what happens snow in 89. But none since.


I just purchased my 2nd S2K already had the Glock 9mm version, had some Beretta 92 mags laying around so I purchased a Multi mag version that was set up for them. Hate to have mags laying around not in use.


I call her litl’ bit. Any one else name their guns? Or should I say rifles? Weapons?
I guess having to say “this is my weapon, this is my gun. This is for pleasure, this is for fun” - - might be a major reason I am horrible at political correct speech. Anyways this is an awesome thing to play with…


Have any of you guys ever seen Chad Enos from Kel Tec sub2000 he uses in his 3 gun comps. That is a thing of beauty. I wish I worked at a gun manufacturing facility and could make my own stuff. He shows it off in this video almost doesn’t look like a sub.


@flogrown only pic i could find of it. His RDB looks sick too


@Kona is he running his as a break down vs a folder? His pivot block looks different?:astonished:

I would love a take-down S2K!!!


@johnksg from what I understand he removed some stuff to make barrel swaps easy.


@Kona looks like it just hooks on the hinge block and snaps into place (and released) by the trigger guard! :two_hearts: