M*CARBO Brotherhood

Show Us Your SUB2000!


@Kona Barrell shroud looks great with that tungsten grey finish.:+1:


@Kona daumn that looks sweet! You need to talk @ChrisNelson into making something like that for the rest of us!:+1:


2 is 1, 1 is none and all that jazz


@ChrisNelson here is my $$ can you make these?!


You still have the OEM trigger in there. .Try a trigger pull on safe also.


I guess idle hands are the work of the devil. So you tying to be a saint ?


@Turmeric1 I function checked it on OEM and was fine. Same with MCARBO parts.


Went to the range to see how good the new red dot is. All I can say is if I need another one I will buy the same one. I need to fine tune it little bit. Shoots about 1.5" high at 20 yards. Kona it’s a keeper. Thank you. Almost forgot no photos or videos we we’re shooting in the rain good practice for those unexpected times. I must be getting old. Forgot went shooting with papaPaul and his friend Bill. Great time and company


My Canadian version, with Nikon 1.5-6 x 24 30 mm bdc 600 ir scope.


This is my favorite Christmas present of all time! This is my Home Defense/Zombie Apocalypse configuration which is complete. I have a Truck Gun configuration which I will post next week. Here are the mods:

MCARBO Muzzle Brake
KNS Precision Square .072 Front Sight .040 Taller
Higoo Tactical Green Laser Dot Sight
AIM Sports 1" 45° Offset M-Lok Light/Laser Mount
Streamlight 69240 TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Red Laser Sight
Magpul AFG2 Angled Foregrip
Magpul M-LOK Rail Cover
Kel-tec Sub 2000 Sub2K Gen 2 Glock 19/23 Magazine Model Textured Rubber Grip Wrap
CARBO Rear Tactical Folding Sight - Notched
Nitesiters Handgun Night Sights - Large Dot/Strip
MCARBO All in One Pro Performance Trigger Job Bundle, Curved Trigger
CARBO Bolt Tube Cover
MCARBO Double Finger Extended Charging Handle
Monoki Keymod Picatinny Rail Sections, 7-Slot
Monstrum Tactical Lockdown Series Adjustable Height Riser Mount with Quick Release
Glock 9mm Magazine Holster
OEM Backup Charging Handle
CARBO Recoil Buffer
Custom Recoil Pad “Gen 2” With/sight Pocket


Very super nice setup @Scooter! Love it!! You might have more ‘splainin to do regards your adapting that Glock mag holster to the buttstock. That’s very interesting and well done. Baddass Brother!!:boom::boom:


So at what point does it stop being a Kel Tec and start being an MCARBO 2000?


You may try using a soldering iron for direct application of heat to break the lock tite free. Ihave in the past and have some success breaking red tite.


@Squidder_K heat gun, vise, and proper torque did the jig. :+1:t2:


I will have to do my bullet button when I leave here!


Here is my truck gun configuration. Vortex SPARC AR on a quick release mount stored on the buttstock when not in use. Can move it from the butt stock to the upper rail with the left hand in only in about 3 seconds. A cheap way to quickly deploy optics until MCARBO finishes the hinge mount.


Excellent setup. Could you please share details of your buttstock modifications? How you mounted the Glock mag holder??:+1:


Will do. I am on the road for a few days. Will post up some pics and directions next week.


MCARBO compensator
Browning Buckmark Reflex sight
45 degree Red Dot mount
MCARBO Buffer tube cover
MCARBO zero recoil charging handle

MCARBO flat trigger and upgraded springs and trigger bar
MCARBO aluminum trigger guard
MCARBO steel grip pins and screws
MCARBO recoil buffer

Going to get the MCARBO rear notch sight here soon and the optic mount when it is released

This is also a custom case I made for it


@aadavis94 I didn’t know MCARBO made a “zero” recoil charging handle. :laughing: But then again “recoiless” is really not a good name for it either. It should be called Heavy Weight Charging Handle like the Kel-Tec Heavy Weight Bolt.