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Show Us Your SUB2000!


@matt yes I posted a video a little ways up saying as much lol


God, I sure hope those are all out of new stock inventory by now.


@wedge did we ever figure out how to determine manufacture date? My serial is FWSxx


I don’t think so. Someone asked Kel-Tec and they wouldn’t divulge that info. But, I do think we can see the entire range of recalled rifles, so anything after the last serial number should be good to go. My serial number starts with FJ and was purchased Nov 2017. It was affected by the recall.


My first sub was bought in April 2017 and was not affected. Hmmm.


There was a range of numbers that didn’t start at the beginning of Gen 2 production. Yours must have been made before Kel-Tec got the bad batch of improperly heat treated barrel tubes.


One day MCARBO will make a precision barrel and it all won’t even matter. Fingers crossed!


Or, an 80% recoil tube. Ghost S2Ks for everyone! LOL


@km55 what do you think of the Atibal?


So far I like it. Got it zeroed at 15yds. Hope the weather holds so we can go to the range tomorrow. Really want to put it through its paces.


Here is Sub 2K , .40 S&W G23 Muzzle break is a Tri Delta by custommuzzlebreaks.com
butt pad is one for an XM177 that fits with a little work on a Sub 2 K.
Internals are all MCARBO so far.
I will have an issue coming in the future when I leave CA, as the company i bought it from used red locktite to set up the bullet button.

Forgot to mention the Pachmyer swing away scope mount was an idea so briefly hooked it up to see if it would work, it won’t but only because it isn’t made for this, but I could see it as a something Chris’s engineer’s could play with for future projects.


Love that buttstock recoil pad. IYAOYAS, right? :wink:


Someone mentioned using a koozie so I’m about to get crafty and make one. Add a little personality to it as well. This is a cool butt pad though, where from?


Got all the parts in no issues last night. Perfect function check. Pulling at just around 4 lbs. Need to take her to a vise to get front sight locknut off. Damn red loctite.



Another Kona sighting, it’s like playing where’s Waldo if you browse around enough she pops up lol


@Kona Heat the front sight up with a heat gun, comes right off no vise needed and no possible damage to gun.


@dave67 tried no dice lol


@wedge took down my other sub to deep clean while my brother builds the shroud and saw that little metal grip pin there it’s just on the other grip frame


High polished aluminum custom barrel shroud.