M*CARBO Brotherhood

Show Us Your SUB2000!


@Kona @Wedge enjoy it now…it will never be that clean again!

Especially in Logan’s hands! :scream:


A neat little pile of junk all going away. I legit love working on sub 2000s. So cool!


The circled portion on the left will be sanded down to ensure trigger resets properly. The circle on the right will be sanded to ensure trigger bar does not rub that surface. Nobody is 100% on if sanding is necessary but I know from personal experience that sanding has fixed mine and others issues so I’m not taking any chances.


I keep all the oem parts in a container for emergency repairs until I get replacement MCARBO parts. Can’t stop shooting because of a broken part.


Great tip Kona, share a few more as you do this build.


@Kona I think you will find the new & improved trigger bar will just “drop in” without sanding…at least mine did!

Was the R&D of the forum that made the part better.


@wedge yes that little grip post at the front of the magwell. I’m 99% it’s not on my other one.


I fully expect the new trigger bar to be rounded instead of that sharp edge. I’m talking about the long side of the trigger bar facing the polymer grip rubbing against the grip frame.


Here’s as far as I can go for now until MCARBO parts come in. I have a decent enough work station with plenty of light, the parts I don’t need anymore off to the side, and my important internal parts in a magnetized parts tray. I cannot say enough how great a magnetized parts tray is for doing this kind of work.


@Kona I will say the circular molding marks seem less pronounced on my models? Maybe KTs injection molds are getting a little “long in the tooth” and past their prime?


Maybe it’s just me, but I’d have at least run a few mags through it completely stock just to make sure the thing worked out of the box. LOL


@wedge hindsight’s 20/20 haha. I at least function tested it. I’m surprised the trigger pull is around 5 lbs. They were always around 10 with Chris demo guns.


@Kona that’s awesome I was going to start a Guess what time Kona will be finished installing his parts thread but I refrained


@Flogrown tracking says MCARBO parts sitting at Richmond hub. No movement. Maybe tomorrow they’ll get here boo.


I really like that color nice work​:+1::beers:


Ok … note to self: pick up some grey bedliner.

Back on topic - @Kona, I don’t know why I care but the Sub does Grey well.* I seriously think she won’t be right until you get the Atibal Cerakoted/painted a matching shade of grey. Get your wife to help with the matching part. Then get some grey M*Carbo T’s to compete in - you’ll be styl’n your way into top 10 finishes b4 you know it.

Excelent pick up!

*caught it after I typed it - LOL


@Dred yea really digging this color. I’m itching so bad to get it put together and out on the range! It’s weird even though I already had a sub so this is not technically a new gun to me I’m still real pumped to have it!


I’d love to see that grey done in an angular winter type camo with white and black. That would look badass. :+1:


Thanks to @JoeFridaySays for his mock up of my next build! (I am going with #1 with a vortex venom mounted all the way out front for a front sight.)

…then again #3 is sweet too!


@Kona Did you check to see if that sub is on the recall list? :joy: