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Show Us Your SUB2000!


Believe me, they will back out from recoil if no thread locking compound is used.


Sub 2000 Glock 17 Gen 2
ATI recoil pad, Tacticool cheek tube cover, MCarbo recoiless CH, MCARBO sling mount, MCARBO spring kit with Flat trigger, MCARBO ext. Mag release, MCARBO steel bushings and screws, MCARBO trigger guard, MCARBO rear flip Peep sight, MCARBO polished SS feed ramp, Vortex 45°offset scope mount, Red dot TRS 25 optic, Micro Maglite flashlight, Muzzle break, Magpul single quick disconnect sling with Magpul picitanny sling mount.

Next just need the New MCARBO trigger Bar. It absolutely shoots like a dream. I paired it to my Glock 17c. G3


Here’s my 40 S&W Sub2k with all the Mcarbo goodies (minus trigger bar but it’s on the way :grin:), magpul afg, surefure g2x, 13 round mag w/ plus 2 extension and 30 round clear ETS mag.


Mines only a week old so far but got a few upgrades, trigger and springs(trigger bar is OOS rt now) , custom stock upgrade with cheek plate.


You’ve been very busy this week it seems @Talon75!! Buttstock looks great!:+1:


Thanks, it was busy loading ammo and getting the gun ready to shoot the Lucas Oil PCC Championship, now I’m bumming around with a couple pins in my right hand! A couple of Kel Tec employees were here shooting the match, they had some custom magwell adapters on their guns they 3d printed, we all need to let them know it needs to be a product or maybe Chris can get on it.


Absolutely put that suggestion in the “What part…make next?” thread. Exactly the stuff Chris wants to see on here👍




Of course you’re going to pass that along to Chris for mass production right??:stuck_out_tongue:


Did your dog get a hold of it??:smile: no offense ment!! The one the keltec guys had was a lot smoother and used the lower screw on the handle to attach. That would work though with a little dress up.


It may be ugly but it works. I have an early version that took up almost the entire grip, I tried to trim it with a dremel (for science) which melted the material. :joy::joy::joy:


I am all about function over form, my RIA is an ugly duckling rt now, but runs like a top! I will say though, part of a magwell’s function is to be smooth. Might try some hand sanding to stay away from the heat.


Hand filing is the best with plastic parts, start with the coarse files and work your way down to finer files, definitely looks like it works though!:+1:

Sub 2000 9mm owners

Figured we should bump this thread alot of new members since the last post and people are always modding their subs.


@airbornetroop206 forgive me but those are Glock mags right? That can’t be the S&W variant or is it multimag variant?


@Flogrown Just zoomed in on @airbornetroop206 pick, it’s the Glock 19/22 Sub.


Yes they are glock ETS mags .


@airbornetroop206 I like the ets mags so far reliable and cheaper than factory. How are they doing for you?


They’re actually serving me pretty well. I bought 4, left one fully loaded in my safe for about 3 months and I figured it would give me feeding issues when I shot it but it ran flawlessly.


@airbornetroop206 I have had mine stacked from day 1 no problems either. I keep all mine fully loaded all the time. I keep trying to find people that have them that don’t like them and I haven’t found but 1 he said it didn’t do good in cold weather