M*CARBO Brotherhood

Show Us Your SUB2000!


…and tell us what you have too. All my ideas were inspired by other’s pics.


MCARBO Pro Performance Trigger Job Bundle
CARBO Stainless Feed Ramp
M*CARBO Red Buffer


MCARBO Rear Notch Sight
CARBO Extended Mag Release
M*CARBO Recoiless Charging Handle
Vortex Razor Red Dot
Vortex Razor 45° offset mount (RT45)
Magpul AFG
Magpul M-LOK Type 2 rail covers
Surefire X300U-B
HK Parts 3-lug adapter
Rugged Suppressors Obsidian 45
Plano Tactical Series Pistol Case


I would if I could, but it’s on its way back to Kel-Tec for a new barrel. LOL


Me and my range pup Kona. Keltec Sub2k gen 2 Glock 9mm, MCARBO pro trigger, springs, steel feed ramp, aluminum trigger guard, extended mag release, sling mount, 2 finger charging handle, and lifesaver recoil buffer.


Great looking system.
I want to mount the same red dot but haven’t had much time to look at the mounting options. How did you mount yours?


Oops, never mind I see it included in your list. Well done!


I’ve had good luck with my American Defense QD Auto Lock.


Thanks! I’ll check it out.


I mounted it to a Vortex Sparc AR red dot which put the center of the red dot sight picture about 2" from the top of the picatinny rail so it clears the front sight. The QD mount that I quoted has a auto lock feature that keeps it locked to the rail. This set up looks very similar to Kona’s set up.


Here’s mine. As you can see there is work yet to do…


I have the Sub2K Nickel Boron in Glock .40 and have already installed all the goodies you have. All videos are on Youtube and are great.


I did just find out today I’m part of the recall.


Mine is also in .40 cal. and am fortunate in that I’m not part of the recall.


Repeating my photo with correct orientation … … …



G17 sub2k
Taccom magwell
Red lion Precision fore end
MCarbo internals
Holosun 510c
Kel Tec long thread protector
Modified a picatinny rail that attaches to forend to sit my holo sight close to the receiver.


I love the look of the nickel boron version. I feel sorry for the people with recalled barrels…and Kel-Tec doesn’t have any nickel boron replacements and, according to them, they won’t for months.


Hold on, i’m just noticing this now. Even on FB I was drawn to the pic rail mod and didn’t even see the magwell.

Can we please see some pics of the opening?


@matt where did you get the long thread protector?!


keltecweapons.com -> rifles -> sub2000 -> accessories. Scroll down and the long thread protector is there.