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Show Us Those Military & Non-Military Vehicles

Okay guys, we talk about a lot of stuff, but I never see what your main ride was back in the day, or what you ride around in now. Any form of Gasoline or diesel powered multi-wheeled vehicle is good to go.

The Lance Missile System was what I was a crewman on for 10 years. Had a range of 50-70 kilometers. Built on a 113 Chassis, it was as simple as simple could get, but it worked most of the time.

1137795476_8589ffef05_q The M109A6 Howitzer aka “Paladin,” I spent a lot of time wrenching on the M109 A6 and the older A5 version. I liked the A6 a whole better than the A5.

Fat Tony aka M1078 LMTV with Gen 1 Up Armor Kit: 1078gen1%20armor The major difference between this truck and mine was we had a gunners cupola we robbed from a destroyed Humvee and mounted it to the turret. But basically the same truck. This was The Chief’s ride. at 6’2" the Humvee is tight beast, in the LMTV I could stretch out. It was a Caddy to Chevy Vega IMHO.

Because No Maintenance Warrant Officers rides would be complete with out an Image of “Bertha” aka the M882A1 Recovery Track, this is what is used when you are really fracking stuck. If that doesn’t work, you use 2 Bertha’s, and if that doesn’t work you are screwed!

I look forward to seeing your rides!

On a side note while in Iraq we supported to SF teams vehicles. One of them was a Humvee we referred to as “Mad Max.” It was a highly modified it had a ring turret with a mini gun, in the back the seats had been removed and Browning M2 Machinegun mounted on tripod bolted if I am not mistaken to the truck bed, and the co-driver/passenger has a helicopter swing away gun Mount where the mirror would normally be with looked like an Airborne version of a SAW. Very Bad Ass looking. I can see images of Chris and his crew riding around the desert in his modern Rat Patrol rig. I have no images of it, as didn’t want to give away any possible information to the Media or our enemy’s. Suffice to say it was bad ass in ways Mel Gibson would drool over. If Max came in needing something, my wrench turners made it their number one mission to get it done. Even if meant stripping my rig to do it.





one of many…I jumped around a lot…MSO%20448
and another SSN664 Sea devil, one of many


SS 582 Bonefish

had the pleasure of lockouts coupe dozen times on that Fine Lady, last of the Gato class diesels. extremely quiet. she blew a battery and burned in the bahamas APRIL 24 1988 Just after i caught another ride. was on maneuvers with the CV67 and the FFG 52.
they scrapped her after that. sad…


started my adventure on one of these…

aint even got to dry land and above yet. need to sloooooooooowwwwwww down




These military “vehicles” don’t have wheels, tracks or a propeller. My Dad was Captain of a Nike Missile Site and I was an Imagery Analyst so these were the military “vehicles” we had.300px-MIM-14_Nike-Hercules_02