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Shoulder Holsters, Having Issues With Rust

first, I use primarily shoulder rigs, left side, vertical and horizontal, and a vertical rig for right side on one specific auto-loader pistol, but thats not the issue . my dedicated work units, a Makarov, a Rock Island 45, and a kel-Tec P-40. depending on what im doing, depends on whos along for the ride. Rock island, my late pickup and drop off /repossession piece. P40, In shop use/ out of shop boat work, and Makarov, my field work/middle of no-where work unit. ones im having the most trouble with, Makarov and P-40. Rock island i had parkerized, so there is only a few small wear spots that require maintenance .

i carry every day, as i know most of you do, the primary holster i use now for the 2 worst offenders, a Uncle Mike’s double loop ( shoulder holster , offside pouch holds 2 magazines)
Ballistic nylon. I was using a bianchi #17 clamshell single side rig, horizontal, But after the 5th elastic strap, 3rd leather strap, and half a dozen buckle replacements, the tension spring finally rotted, and holster was done. cant complain, had it and used it since 81.

excellent rig. only problem being ,Bianchi discontinued that model they told me in 95. made primarily for small frame autos, 380s, 9’s, and the like. so I went to using one of my spare rigs, the Uncle mikes. have em in both right and left. position isnt the issue.

My sweat is eating the slides on the Mak, and P40 alive in the form if rust. ZIve tried all the lubes, from TW-25B from millcom, to frog lube, CLP, marine grade blue grease, and even neolube/molyKote. finish, Baking lacquer, Stein Black, Cermakote, even stove black paint. get about 2 weeks before the bubbles start to raise, and the rust pops thru. cermakote ive used on 5160 work knives as well, and had no rust thru issues. none at all. and i applied the same way to all items.

main problem areas, butt of slide side toward body, and around face end of barrel opening.

my area is 90 to 100 degree heat, and 100% humidity usual. I could take the holster off , and hang it close where im working, but that would defeat the purpose of carrying. Ive carried firarms in everything from steamy jungle, to desert, never had this much of a issue. I hunt primarily black water swamp and don’t have it with my hunting guns. never had that much of a issue with the bianchi, but it wasn’t as tight to my body and was water sealed/leather conditioner. is the pad and the ballistic nylon the issue, and should i go to something like a kydex shoulder unit from Gunfighters Inc (have one of their chest holsters for my 44s), or find anther bianchi i like.

ive always used the TW25-B grease as a wipe down (3000 psi salt water washdown proof, has its own NSN number) and never had this problem. ever. I do admit, I carry 24/7. If im up and moving firearm is in position. im about to the point of getting the slide parkerized or black phosphated, or find me a compact stainless unit. I dont like rust.

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