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Shotgun Shell Carrier Options

I have a 12 gauge Mossberg 500 with 20" barrel & 7 round mag tube set up for tactical with the following: Phoenix Technology kicklit stock with cheek rest, hogue overmold forearm, heavy duty mag spring with aluminum follower, M*Carbo trigger spring kit, green rifle laser, single point sling and GG&G sling adapter, one 7-round carrier on left side of receiver and one 5-round carrier on cheek rest. I bought a 29 round bandolero but really wont work properly for waist wearing or shoulder. The added 12 rounds on shotgun adds to the total weight. I’ve looked at other shell carrier options but some seem too expensive like the Ammopal ($30) and one that is similar to it is made in china ($15) but not sure how good they are. Any suggetions??



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I often go sporting clay shooting with a friend of mine. The place we go has an office and store onsite. I purchased my ammo carrier there ($30 sounds about right for the price). It carries 50 rounds of shotgun shells (I use 20 gauge for sporting clay, but it could probably handle 50 rounds of 12 gauge).

Yes, the weight does (initially) drag down on the pants a bit, but with a few stations down, it gets quite reasonable. Of course, you could just take less ammo and not have the drag problem.

Hopefully, you can find a similar ammo carrier either where you go shotgunning (sporting clay, or other), or at your local gun store. Mine has the Browning logo on it (made by Browning, I suppose).

Good luck finding one you like.


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