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Shot Show 2019 Coverage (NEW KELTEC GUNS!)


IF yer going to dream, SUB 2000 GEN 5 ,alloy receiver, in 50AE. or that could be a hallucination. I got my meds mixed up this mornin…


Looks like I will be an RSO at Industry day this year. Will there be any M*CARBO featured guns/products on the line anywhere?


So pumped for this!




If that CP33 comes in at a decent street price and is reliable, I might just have to get it. Make it my fun space gun instead of a Mark IV.


I can see the possibilities on that CP33, that could be interesting…hacksaw and file could fix what i dont like on the KS7 front carry handle would have to go…


@goblin noooooo! KS7 looks badass! Like a FAMAS. It looks futuristic and ready for the Space Force!


Def inspired by the FAMAS


maybe run the barrel out another inch and add a buzzsaw breacher tip…:smiling_imp:



Agreed, that handle belongs on a piece off luggage. :grin:



The KS7 is ugly as sin. And I want one.


Idk brother. I have weird taste. I can totally see someone saying it’s ugly but I think it looks badass!



@Kona I like the general lower layout Kona, I really do. I would prefer the barrel about 1" or 2" longer I never cared for em same length as the tube cap, even though it does have the “stop” on the pump.
I just dont care for the bridge. carry handle is fine. rear part. I still like the older style carry handle AR lay out. im used to it. I just dont see the functionality of it.

Love the layout of the CP33. I would marry it and take it on a extended honeymoon if they came out with one in 22WMR…


@goblin KS7 has longer barrel option as well as removable carry handle for flat top picatinny rail :+1:t2:


barrel and extended rail would make me smile… thankya brother.


I’m now interested after the video


Ok that’s sweet. I’m pretty sold. Only thing I’d like is a lower rail like the MkIV tactical for some cheap laser (for maximum space gat). But it looks cool and those mag sizes are awesome. Should have a decent street price too, I’m hoping


Responding to myself–TTAG review was very positive. Hopefully mags aren’t too pricey so you can load up in advance. MSRP of $475 means street price will probably be at or a bit below $400, which is decent. Plus MLOK on the bottom means I can go all in. Throw a big ass tube red dot on top, cheap laser on bottom, and paint a Rebel Alliance logo on it to make my nerdy self happy at the range.

Also, I’m with @Kona. The KS7 kinda does look cool, like something out of Aliens or Halo. I’m more likely to buy a KSG though, for practical reasons.