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Shot Show 2019 Coverage (NEW KELTEC GUNS!)


@Kona We like a lot of the same ones :+1: To be honest Hickok45 review of the sub2000 pushed me over the ledge to buying the next one I saw I love his little range setup so jealous


@kona ya never know brother, DNR guy up on the edisto I know, we were joking around one night, out findin a nuisance gator,and bein a smarta$$ he told me that i shoulda brought something Bigger than the 6mm, so i snapped back, well, since im using my ammo, you should request a Barrett M107 for us to use…
LOLOL he did.
Danged if the state didnt approve the request, got the M107, scope, and 500 rnds a year allotment…
everytime we go on a night run, he brings that story up…


@Kona I have seen Colion shoot…he plays that “Aw shucks guys I’m not that good” angle for all it is worth! He really is fast on his feet.:grin::+1:

Hickock45 would be more my speed!


Talon Sei is another up and comer I like but he does a lot of cornball stuff for views. Like tacticool stuff that makes no sense and has no practicality but looks cool.


:open_mouth: geezzzzz


New Glocks for all you Glockies!


@Kona Just when I thought I had their numbering system down pat, they threw a monkey wrench at me. Oh well, perfection takes time.


@kona I have no idea how it works. I thought it was patent numbers but Tim from MAC said that’s not true.


Yeah that was my understanding, but :man_shrugging:t3: they’re probably just messing with people

That KS7 is interesting, but the double tube was the main interest in the KSG for me. When I get a single tube pump, it’ll be a Mossberg with either Magpul or wood furniture


I want to see a sub3k announcement - like the 2k, but with radial delayed blowback and in 10mm. :grin:


@Rekonn Not gonna happen unless they change the diameter of the receiver tube.

Without a dramatic remodel or tier-2 manufacture we are stuck with 9mm and .40S&W!


@johnksg, Did you have to ruin my dream so quickly?


@Rekonn looks like CP33 and KS7 will be their only offerings. If you go to Shot Shows exhibitor listings, that’s all Kel Tec has listed.


@Rekonn Sorry bro…maybe MCARBO some day will do a Bravo company and make a new S2K?


There we go, hope restored, hehe


@Kona I am NOT really thrilled with the Kel-Tec offerings this year…do not think they will steal the show with either offering!

Wanna bet it is a Sig that takes shot-show?


@Johnksg I’m buying that KS7. I’m in love with that hideous piece of junk!


@Kona Honestly bro…just buy the KSG! Same length, but twice the rounds, and two tubes…

What’s not to love with that?


@johnksg I don’t like the look of it


@Kona it looks pretty much the same my friend…but you call!:grin: