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Shot Show 2019 Coverage (NEW KELTEC GUNS!)


MSRP on the new Keltec KS7 is $495. It’s super hideous but I just have to have it! I can’t put my finger on it lol


@Kona Idk…not feeling the 7 shot version.

Your an LEO…just get this one with a dept. letterhead.:grin:


Price is not bad, I agree with the looks. Step backwards in my opinion. Wouldn’t mind popping off some rounds through it though. Thanks for the updates brother :+1:


@johnksg I like the new new and the fact it’s a pump


@Kona …uh, they are ALL pumps! :laughing:


@johnksg oh my bad I thought the KSG was SA


@Kona Huh? Are you pulling my leg?


The foregrip kinda reminds me of the Sig 552 and the fact I can’t have one. Maybe that’s what drawing me to it.



It’s also kinda a rip off of the FAMAS


@Kona why can’t you have one? Just have your dept issue you a purchase letter for an SBR. No fuss, no muss, and no tax stamp!


I’m really digging the look of that CP33 and wondering if extending the receiver behind the grip is to get a longer picatinny rail and balance it out? Put the right looking compensator on that thing and I think it would look pretty cool.


@johnksg they’d never go for that.


@dave67 it’s a .22LR I just sold my MARK IV. Yawn.


@Kona Really? Thats kinda uncool! Our locals do it all the time for PD trunk rifles. Officer buys it on their letterhead, uses it in line of duty.

Saves us taxpayers some $$!



Then nope, nevermind…I thought it was in .22WMR. I mean I already have a Volquartsen Scorpion in .22LR.


@Johnksg the only people that get letterhead guns are TOU. Tactical Operations Unit.


@Kona well join the TOU! :grin:


Nah already in a specialized unit. I’d have to join the training division and leave narcotics. No thanks.


That would be freaking awesome @Kona I’d like to go to go shoot with Hank Strange too


@flogrown I don’t follow his stuff that much. The main ones for me are IV8888, Nutnfancy, Hickock45, Graham Baates, Gunblast, MAC, Colion Noir, and a few others I can’t think of. I’ve seen a couple of Hanks videos he just never appealed to me.