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Shot Show 2019 Coverage (NEW KELTEC GUNS!)


If you’re like me, January is my favorite time of the year because the Super Bowl of the gun industry falls upon us. Shot Show 2019. Guns, Holsters, and Gear always provides excellent coverage of the event. Gunblast.com YouTube channel provides great coverage as well.

It’s an exciting time to be alive!


@Kona ahh…Vegas in January! Brings back some fond memories!:grin:

Some good looking girls at the booths!:smirk:


@johnksg a native booth babe!


@Kona Sig and FN always had some of the best hotties! :grin::+1::+1:


One day I’ll hopefully get to go! I go to Warrior Expo and the Federal (LEO not Ammo brand) range day each year. I got to shoot a couple full auto Sigs. Good stuff!


@Kona last time I went I took my wife, she actually wasn’t too jealous as knew I was more interested in the hardware.

Funniest moment was when she tried to “talk guns” with a booth babe and found out she was an air-head who didn’t know a damn thing! LOL!

That was a good year though…I scored a pair of press badges from a friend for the range/demo day. Wife got to shoot a lot of neat toys.:grin:


@johnksg yea I’d care more to hit range day. I’d like to go to IV8888 range day too!


My favorite moment of shot shows past…

Meeting Dana from NRA and Colion and getting a chance to talk with them both!

The Savage reps for sliding me a pair of press badges to impress my new bride! (Thank you guys!)

Nick for letting me attend for six years straight! (Always looking for that perfect steak!)

And all the reps who actually took the time to talk with the wife about what women competitors really want…it ain’t pink!:grin::+1:


Well just post your videos on YouTube and become a star…then they will beg you to attend!:grin:


Federal Range Day with some Full Auto goodness :+1:t2:


@Kona …so you know why it is called the “rattler”!

Who is “blue falcon?”


@Johnksg dang! How long you been military?! “Blue Falcon” means Buddy F***er hahaha


@Kona Not in my day and NOT in the USMC!

But then again the whole challenge coin thing also passed me by. :confused:

Must be an army thing?


@johnksg I never got on the challenge coin bandwagon either. But everyone was called Blue Falcon haha. Matter of fact the dude in the video that said it was a Marine!


@Kona you will like this…

The other day I was at the club house waiting for my wife and her sporting clay buddies to finish up there thing.

Saw an old Command Sergeant Major, was telling him about this forum and you…

And do you know what he said to me?

"If you ain’t Cav you ain’t sh*t!"

Goodness, its like you guys are EVERYWHERE!:astonished:


@Johnksg you catch his name?


@Kona oh I know his name…our past VFW post commander and regional commander! Lol

(Maybe shouldn’t put it on blast?)

He has a big black toy hauler with an oversized CIB and 7th Cav decals on it…I am gonna have a big Eagle Globe and Anchor made up and stick on his trailer! :laughing:


@Kona that would be USMC +1!


And there it is. Keltecs new gun for 2019.


And a new shotty!