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ShopRuger.com - trustworthy?

I have astigmatism in my left eye which presents the usual red dot issues. The dot looks like the State of Florida to me😂
I’ve learned to use red dots with my left eye (non dominant) closed. Works for me.
Interestingly, I have a Holosun Circle Dot that I have no problem with, both eyes open. Honestly don’t know why that is and the presentation is very similar to the EOTech sight picture.

My EOTech holographic site has none of the red dot issues for me, the image projected is sharp and clear with both eyes open.

The cost of the EOTech is the only real problem with them😉


@chilipepper Yeah, eye relief can be a big problem with some firearms like the S2K. I have explored various options for moving a sight rearward and the best option seems to be the MCarbo Optic Mount with a cantilever riser.
Three other things about red/green dot sights. I also find the green much sharper and less likely to flare. While some hate them, I also find a circle/dot reticle is extremely helpful as the circle allows me to approximate where the true center dot is even when I see several center dots. That might not help for shots at 200 yards, but it works well in the 25-50 yard range. Finally, my eyeglass prescription was getting long in the tooth and I recently went for an eye exam and a prescription substantially different from what I had been wearing. The new glasses ground to that prescription made a dramatic improvement.






It does happen…and I’m probably not helping it, either. That said, did you make any progress with your order status?


It’s most certainly just covid delays. I ordered motorcycle and dirt bike parts that normally only take a few days took almost 2 weeks due to lack of employees. I’ve ordered from shop ruger a few times, no problems.


More than likely, this.

Do you mean this area?

I prefer the Magpul overmolded grips but I went with the Magpul MIAD grip, same as what MI uses on theirs. This grip allows you to swap out front and back straps, the one without the beavertail being used by default. This grip config felt a little thin to me and I also found the 3rd knuckle on my index finger was taking a beating from the chassis area just below the QD sling mount hole. I had some time off over the holidays and was a big bored, so I took the thickest beavertail back strap from the MIAD kit and attacked it with a coping saw and my Dremel tool to shape it to the chassis and receiver extension. About an hour later I had what you see in the photo, coupled with a grip that is more comfortable, fits my hand better and a happier knuckle to boot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes and yes. Another reason I went for the Spitfire 1x, plus the reticle is actually etched so if the battery dies or you don’t want the illumination, you still have something to use. Not sure if they make this one anymore, feel like it’s been replaced with an AR version (same reticle and functionality, different mounting and shape) that doesn’t work well for me. That said there are still some for sale out there.

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THe info on the mod kit for the grip is duely noted. I was concerned about the connection of the “lower” or receiver to the stock which is the DADO and 2 bolts connecting it to the stock.
After earlier texts I went to MI site and compared to your pic how the 2 came together.
When money alows I want the MI’Rear? stock. Waiting until monday to call them.

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Correct, essentially the two metal parts are connected by a lap joint with two machine screws tying it all together. I have mine assembled and torqued as a permanent connection. This one does not allow for any type of folding stock. The receiver extension (similar to an AR buffer tube) is part of the chassis kit and is mil spec, so any mil spec adjustable AR butt stock will fit it. I’m using my go to, a Magpul MOE SL carbine stock with added butt pad extension to get the longest LOP possible…because I’m a bit of knuckle-dragger. The MI supplied photo above shows another variation of butt stock.


Absolutely !!! It is what I want !!! Monday I will be on the phone with MI and see how much just for the chassis receiver with that connection. I be HAPPY ! if I can do that.
I was just 3 months TOO EARLY in my purchase of model 19115 !!!

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It’s $179.95. While the photos show the fore end, charging handle and M-Lok rail (which is plastic and not in spec), the part code MI-RPCC is for the barrel back chassis only.

Maybe not, I suppose it depends on what you like. The newer Ruger chassis are cool, but I believe they are also polymer (please correct me if I’m wrong, someone). The MI is all metal and it will add weight to your PCC, for me it was fine as I like a little heft to my firearms. I purchased my PCC well over two years ago when they only came configured as typical rifle. I upgraded with the PMM forend first and I could return to that with poly rifle stock with little issue. I went with the chassis to improve ergonomics/comfort.

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Definitely polymer on the PC Charger. I’m hoping MI is going to make an aluminum chassis for the Charger,I think I would like that better.

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