Shooting +P Ammo


Since it was brought up I will expand a lil more on +P ammo.

Calibers such as .45 and 9mm have been around for more than 100 years. In that time the design and specifically the metallurgy of weapons has improved. They are easily capable of the increased pressures of +P ammunition. But, since guns have long life spans manufacturers cannot take the chance that you are not using a modern weapon. It is a compliance issue with SAAMI and litigation.

Wear is typically on the return springs.

Modern service weapons are capable of +P+

+P is NOT a hand cannon. In fact it is simply a moderate increase in pressures.


I was talking about hotter rounds (which I ‘totally’ forgot to list in my explaination.Mybadd. Thanks-big smiles! I get into too many disertations with ‘local’ shooters over which shell weight. ) The +P ‘contraversy’ over barrel life, I concur with you. I don’t think the difference in pressures will harm the barrel.


@GOBLIN @Wedge well fan me with a brick that’s interesting. I thought the idea of the critical duty was neat. But I guess it’s hard to compete with a liquid metal inside of a hollow point.


@xxKilgore92xx if they could only find a medium that worked as well, that wasnt so toxic. thats why the only places you see em no is usually in the hands of cartridge collectors. They made all kind of weird rifle , pistol and shotgun rounds, the old willie pete
(white phosphorous) "dragons breath ‘’ shotgun rounds, to the 38 special round, that was a 3o cal boattail bullet in a plastic rat-shot cap, making it a bullet in a plastic sabot, not sure what the draw was on that one, except for the fact there was no rifling marks on the bullet
but they been odd rounds out there for years, some good, some bad, some downright hazardous…

as far as the Hornady CD rounds, Ive used em for a long while as well, like em. LGS had a sale on the Hornady “zombie max” rounds, purgeing em out of his stock, bought all the 9mm,45 acp, 40 S&W, and 556, he had, pennies on the dollar. after I shot em, I bought em for brake in ammo, , at that price , hell yeah, and to my surprise, in the .45,
to me they shot just like the CD rounds. only difference i could tell was the dayglo green tip instead of red LOLOL so they went in stock and i bought some more of another brand for brake in ammo…


@GOBLIN Nice cartridge collection Buck.:+1: What is row #1 E and #3 C ?


I get my buddy to give me the list when i see him. aint mine, his. I never could save a cartridge long…


Holy crap, some of those 12ga rounds look absolutely brutal! :dizzy_face:


Wedge: I will respond with articles I have on the subject:

I can not find the article on markings. But the issue has to do with older firearms.


@cico7 the Hagen article says basically what I said…its all about SAAMI, increased wear on return springs, (I disagree with barrel wear) but will basically work…probably for quite a while.

You and @Wedge are both right! My only caution was because the S2K is a pure blowback you are increasing the cyclic rate.