Shooting +P Ammo


Has anyone ever shot +p ammo out of their sub2000?


If your barrel isn’t stamped +p, don’t.
A couple rounds may not blow it up but will add
more wear on the barrel.


I ran about 100 or so of my +p pistol carry rounds through my 9mm Gen 2 to ensure functionality. Zero issues and that was with my recalled barrel before the recall was even issued.


You sure about that? None of my Glocks or 1911s are marked +p on the barrel, slide or anywhere else and they’ll eat +p and +p+ ammo all day long…safely…


My s3f barrel isnt marked +p but after getting in touch with customer service they told me they prefer +p rounds so I doubt it has to be marked… If you want reassurance just double check with the manufacturer to be on the safe side


I have never really got the big deal with +P anyway. That being said Kel Tec instructs you not to use it so i just wouldn’t. Kinda like the cars and trucks that instruct you not to use higher than 87 octane, it will still run if you do but you are most likely damaging engine components over time.


I like it when I read a debate and agree with BOTH sides! :grin:

+P will work, it is NOT a barrel wear issue, it is a timing issue. Remember your counter weight is designed to slow down a normal pressure 9mm round just enough so you do not get a catastrophic blowback.

That said we all know regular 9mm works fine with heavy bolt, there is a pretty broad margin on this one. It simply is a slightly greater (though rare) possibility of a failure with a simple blowback action.:astonished:


Eh, I didn’t see any issue, nor did I have any problems checking functionality with my pistol carry ammo AND mags. It’s nice to know if you can slap a pistol carry mag with that +p ammo into your S2K and have it function reliably…or not… Just don’t make a habit of it. :+1:


@Wedge I think you are absolutely right, only thing I would recommend if you make a habit of it is to switch to the heavy counter weight.

It will work every time all the time…until the one time it doesn’t.

because the S2K is a simple blowback and relies upon case pressure and inertia (case is the piston) that is reason the manufacture recommends against it. :grin::+1:


I understand both sides. I’m new to the sub 2000 and couldn’t find any threads about shooting +p. Also I’m new to the 9mm game. I bought a gen 5 19 Saturday and 4 days later bought the sub.


@xxKilgore92xx This has been discussed on the KTOG Forum forever, where members have asked Kel-Tek this question. The response has always been against the use of +P loads. Also they do not recommend the use of steel or aluminum cased ammo.


@xxKilgore92xx just remember your Glocks, HKs, S&W, etc. are different animal. None of them are a simple or pure blowback like the S2K they are based upon the Browning/Saive Hi-Power that use a locking barrel/slide.

They are different guns.

@Don68 is correct KT will never recommend as safe because the cyclic rate is based upon the Maier ratio’s. Change to +P and you introduce a variable that wasn’t calculated.

But @Wedge is also right when people add a heavier counter weight they are also changing the cyclic rate, proving there is a fairly wide margin. It will work, and it probably will be safe 99.99% of the time.

But not absolutely safe.

IF you use +P on a regular basis then add a heavier counter weight and CH would be my advice.


Sorry @Don68 accidently posted before finished. :grin:


@Don68 @Johnksg thanks for the heads up guys. I accidentally bought a box of hornaday American gunner 124 grain +p. But on a side note I’m gonna add the trigger kit I bought to the sub 2000 this week and break it in this weekend.


Yes, I’m sure misuse will cause premature failure.
Its your weapon.


Just to be clear, would I shoot +P rounds through a S2K? Sure, especially with my heavy set up and slower cyclic rate. (It does speed everything back up though thus defeating the purpose of those upgrades.)

Would I do it with any frequency or outside of say an emergency situation? Nope! As previously stated an S2K is not a Glock or a 1911, it has a very different action type and would not be 100% safe. :grin::+1:


Dude, a simple test of some rounds through it ONCE to make sure they work isn’t going to cause any kind of “premature failure”. If it did, it was a DEFECTIVE gun from the get-go.

And, please expound on your comment about the barrel being marked for +p when many of the most popular brands do no such thing and have no restrictions on using +p ammo.


I agree. It’s not like you are going to be shooting 200 yards with a pistol round. If you use it the way it’s intended I really don’t think a +p round is going to make the bad guy or target any more dead than a standard load. If anything, the increased recoil will cause you to be slower to make follow up shots on target. Hotter does not equate to better or more accurate.


For me, it was a compatibility test. Will the G19 mags with my +p pistol ammo that I carry work in my S2K, if needed in a pinch? Nothing more than that. No long range sniper fantasies with 9mm here on my end. :rofl:


@Wedge, What Gen Glocks do you run? I have both Gen 3 and Gen 4. When using +p ammo in your glock, do you see any more of the “Glock bulge” in your cases?