Shooters Choice! September 2021 Match

[Shooters Choice! September 2021 Match]

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another monthly match.

What is “Shooters Choice” you ask. This month, any of those unused targets from previous months may be used. Any target must be unused, no patched targets allowed. If it’s a rifle target you can use it in any rifle division and previous handgun targets can be used in any handgun division. Relax, if you don’t have any from the past, the standard targets are allowed as well. As for you “A” listers, it’s your choice this month as well.

Iron sight bonus is still 2 points for 25yd, 4 points for 50yd and 8 points for 100yd rifle divisions. If you’re unsure what qualifies as “iron sights”, ask.

We had a request for the digital HG division. After trying to come up with something that’ll work for everyone this is what I’ve come up with:

Each round fired must start from the holstered position.

Fire one round.

Rack the slide and return to holster.

Repeat for a total of five rounds.

Shot timer for this exercise must be under 1 minute.

As always, our printed rules are here: Sharpshooter Rules & Guidelines Rev 5-2021.pdf - Google Drive

Our standard monthly target can be found here: June_2021_Target.pdf - Google Drive

“A” lister target is here: X - Target.pdf - Google Drive

Good luck and good shooting.

EDIT: A reminder, should you chose the beer bottle targets, the (5) five on a single page were/are for 25/50yd rifle divisions while the single bottle was/is for the 100yd rifle divisions.


Whoot! This should be fun! Thanks @Festus , didn’t realise you already implemented the HGD suggestion from @Stircrayzy this will be fun!