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Shipping parts to EU


Sorry if this is not the appropriate swction but I figured some of you guys might help me out a bit.

I would like to have some Kel Tec sub2k shipped to Italy. These parts are available here through a retailer but the markup is significant, it would coat as much as the gun itself.

Since the parts are available here, though, they should not be prohibited under ITAR rules…

Do you think I could order them directly from USA and have them shipped here?



You found the right person to reply, as I am a Compliance Analyst for my corporation and deal with global import/export regulations.

  1. Do NOT ship any firearm parts from the US to a foreign country. ITAR prohibits this, even though the same parts are available in the foreign country. Availability has nothing to do with it.
  2. Even if ITAR never existed, the CE Mark for the specific type of product would have to be affixed to get through Italy’s customs.
  3. Even if you have the parts mailed, person-to-person, specific rules apply, especially #1 (ITAR).
  4. The reason the parts are so expensive is that the importer, distributor and/or retailer have to pay the extra importation fees associated with this type of equipment, and the cost is passed down to the consumer.

Violating these rules can land both the shipper & recipient in prison along with hefty fines.

So, my advice: Avoid it, and pay the extra Euros for the parts, obtained legally.


I ship to a lot of our locations in the Caribbean. Granted it’s not Italy, but I use a service called Ezone Skybox. When someone from Trinidad orders products or such from Amazon or online retailers, it is shipped to a specific location in Miami, Toronto or London, wherever the retailer is located. Then It is sent to the island by skybox and the buyer pays the tax and import fees to release it for delivery. Ezone skybox takes care of everything. Just make sure you have the bill of lading/invoice.

You may want to see if there is a similar service where you are. That way you can order from US sites and have it shipped to you legally.