Shield Arms Z9 magazine for the Glock 43

What do you think? Anyone care?


It could be 30+ rounds… I wouldn’t run anything in my G43 other than standard six round magazines… with pinky extensions. Easy to deep conceal anywhere. Higher capacity still wouldn’t make it a fun range experience… it’s pretty snappy.


@TexasEskimo I’m inclined to agree. My EDC is a Hellcat now. I like having 11 rounds in a flush-fit mag, but the truth is I only need two rounds. One for the perp’s chest and the other between the headlights the first round doesn’t quell his aggression.

Of course, I’m being intentionally over-dramatic but to your point, if six rounds ain’t enough some training is in order. It’s nice to have 11 rounds in such a small package, but capacity beyond six is really not necessary for a self-defense firearm. An LE duty weapon or one used in combat is a whole 'nuther thing. Capacity for personal defense firearms is all marketing, not reality.

There are a variety of 9mm self-defense rounds that claim a six inch wound channel. Multiply that times two. Or six. That equals the perp having a really bad day.