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Share a Good deed that made you proud

My daughter and I were standing in line behind an elderly woman at the grocery store. My daughter was about six or seven at the time. The woman had nothing but several cans of cat food in her basket. I remarked to my daughter that that was a sad sight. She said “Why dad? She’s taking care of her cats.” I said “Jenny, look at her coat.” The woman had a black heavy cloth coat that was knee length. Jenny said “So? It’s a nice coat.” I said “Do you see any cat hair on it? That lady doesn’t have a cat. The cat food is cheaper than tuna fish.” This wasn’t the end of the story. My daughter did a wonderful thing with her allowance that week, and that’s all I’ll say.


One afternoon about a year ago I was metal detecting in a local church yard. At a house across the street there were a couple boys ( I would guess maybe 3rd graders) playing in the front yard.

After a few minutes, as kids do, they walked over and one of them asked what I was looking for. I told him I was looking for lost change or anything else cool I could maybe find. They watched for a couple minutes then went back across the street.
A little later, I heard one boy say “see you tomorrow” and head off down the street, as the other went in the house.

Not long after, the boy who spoke to me earlier came back across the street.
He walked up to me, held out his hand, and he said…

“I have something I would like to give you. I thought you could maybe use it more than me”.

In his hand were 3 one dollar bills.

He didn’t understand I was looking for coins as a hobby, and not because I had no money.
The genuine kindness and selfless generosity of this little man was such an unexpected thing, that it took me a moment to realize why it was he was offering me his money.


Nice story. :+1:


When I’m on my motorcycle and the they do that I give them my best f’ing moron look and don’t shoot either. Do I win? :sunglasses:


I smile at them anymore. Shake my head and say “don’t be that guy don’t be that guy don’t be that guy” over and over until the thought passes…