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Set Screw Size For M*CARBO Peep Sight

What is the size and thread pitch on the set screw that comes with the MCARBO peep sight? I received a new SUB-2000 and MCARBO parts yesterday but can’t find the set screw for the peep sight. Hoping the screw is available at Home Depot so I can get to the range this weekend.

I emailed MCARBO but they are closed until Monday. Perhaps someone on the board has the info at hand?

Thanks in advance.


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FYI - I spoke with Pat at MCARBO this morning who confirmed that the set screw for the MCARBO peep sight is a M4 x .07 x 5mm. The local Lowes had these as:

Item #** 550594 Model # 884835
Hillman 4mm-0.7 x 5mm Socket Hex-Drive Set Screws (4-Count) $1.68

A 5 minute drive and I am in back in business.

When I returned, Jessica from MCARBO was calling in response to my email on Friday. She wanted to be sure I had found a solution and offered to mail the screw I needed. Amazing follow-up service!