M*CARBO Brotherhood

September's William Tell Match

The newest Match for The Sharpshooter Series is the “William Tell”.

As always, the rules apply and can be read HERE
Amendments for this month include, the time stamp requirement is done, over, kaput, finito.
Again, rifle Divisions will have the 2 & 5 point bonus for iron/buckhorn/peep or non magnified sights at 50 & 100yds. The rifle Divisions will be shooting this Target submitted by @JoeFridaySays and tweaked by @chilipepper who is also hosting the target for us this month.
Notice, you will be penalized for hitting our “volunteer” should you strike the target at the bottom of the apple, even breaking the scoring ring you will be penalized. You will need a full hit on the apple to score. And, the leaf is worth three points.
Five shots for score in all Divisions.

While we embrace and encourage both discussion and input regarding the rules, the final interpretation and scoring decisions of the Facilitator and Board of Advisors shall govern.

Handgunners! We have a new target for both Divisions, so please bear with me until it’s finished.

Good luck and good shooting!


Yes, a target I can sink my teeth into. I like it! I’m in, stay tuned. :ok_hand:t2:


@JoeFridaySays & @chilipepper … awesome target!


Just the thing to test drive those new Marlins with, no?


I had included this text bubble in the original revision to incite a bit of the “red mist”, but we removed it for the official comp target… :grinning:



Yessir. Friday, Friday … Friday. Joined a new range with substantial help from one of our mods. Friday is go day. Three new to me rimfires to evaluate.


Sweet! :+1:t2: So, do you draw a card to see which goes out? :rofl:


I know right … 4 x 7000s, 1x Bullpup 795, 2x Papooses & 3x bolt guns from Marlin plus 2x Browning rimfires. I’m pretty certain I’m compensating for something.


Yep … 6 holes. But, how is the circled hole scored?


IMHO… 6 × 95% = 5.7 points


The board will be consulted for a ruling.


Id say each hit only qualifies for 1 scoring scenario, not two. In this case it enacts the -5 clause, because its not a FULL hit on the apple, instead of the same hit being scored as both +6 & -5 . For example, the same hit position at 9 oClock would score a 6 outright since it hasnt touched the snowflake.


Now you see why that poor emoji is sweating. :anguished:


Two rules conflict. 1. you score higher value you are touching. 2. you lose 5 points for scratching the snowflake. Ergo my confusion.

I’m not point grubbing 'cause there is a 5.7 hole on that target and I can’t identify which hole was the gift. Turns out holes punched with 22TCM look a lot like holes punched with 5.7x28.

4 hours at the range today and it only cost me 50 x 22TCM and 200 x 22lr. Well I also learned not to leave my rifle resting on a foam rest in the wind. Jammed up the muzzle on the new 7000 but the crown is fine. Knocked the scope off zero, but that’ll fix too. Shattered the nylon buffer a few mags later - good news is the buffer is a known failure point so I have a couple replacements waiting at home.


And next Month’s target will be:



Not entirely in conflict, but I do kind of get where you’re coming from regarding contact. The rules were any snowflake contact would be a deduction (as it’s essentially a grazing shot on the emoji’s melon), it’s the inverse of normal scoring for that fact. Having said that, this is the first time we’ve had negative scoring for hits on certain parts of the target and, as much as I’m sure we’d all love to shoot a snowflake emoji in the face as a figurative act of whatever, I only created the target and will let the ruling to those higher on the food chain. Plus, as competitive bastards as we may be, it’s just for phun so I’m not shitting a golden brick, whatever the ruling… :wink:

I do have one question though, assuming no range asshat was shooting at your emoji target, how in the the hell did you get 6 shots? :grinning: When shooting comp targets, I’ve only been loading the allowable shots in the mag to avoid this very thing…that’s actually how I was keenly aware of last months debacle with a number of my targets…that and the fact that I don’t even have mags with the capacity matching the number of holes in some of them, but I digress…

Indeed and precisely. I thought the sweating was a nice touch, that and the little bastard might just be infected with the COVID so maybe @Dred was right to shoot him before he infects us all… :grinning:

I had the pleasure (and I do mean that) of experiencing this round in person just last weekend. My first thought was, who needs fireworks? I want one just for the fireball it belches at every trigger pull! :grinning:


What if I told you there are 10 rounds in that target and that double wide hole was just a bad shot. Yes, that’d be a lie, but …

Long answer …

5 round mag capacity in my 22TCM rifle. I can’t squeeze 6 in if I try. Yes, I have 17 rounders from my pistols, but I did not shoot from them today. I’m special and it may be an asshat hole, but it may be mine. Started shooting that target and realized a mag that isn’t full doesn’t go a full 5 rounds. Dropped in a fresh mag and tried to count through the scope. I probably miscounted, but I moved to the 100 and left a group of shooters on the 50. When I retrieved it, I figured one of those holes could be from all the 5.7 brass littering their shooting area. I dunno and the month is young. I will shoot again.

All said, I LOVE the target. The new 7000 was a tack driver that blew the bull out of my shoot n see at 100 before I slammed it on the concrete, adjusted the scope location requiring rezero and shattered the buffer before fixing the zero ending its day all before taking aim at any apples.

Imagine the excuses I could offer if valuable prizes were involved.


I enjoyed the stories and the latter certainly sounds plausible at the least. I made a mistake in assuming this was your .22lr rimfire target, not a PCC chambered in 22TCM…and feeling like a bit of a d-bag for not knowing there were rifles chambered in that round as well. And now I want one… :crazy_face:

I shot a couple of them today and I’m liking it as well, a bit easier for the old eyes to see what they’re shooting at.


Hey everyone…
Did we get a ruling here?
I was out yesterday and have to choose between two targets.
Target 1. Exact same scenario in the same position on the emoji, excepting only 5 rounds in target.
Target 2. Missed the emoji, less counting hits on target.
I wasn’t sure how to score Target 1.
So based one the discussion so far, I’ll post Target 2 as it scored 2 points higher.
BTW can you send me the location to post targets, or is this it?


The ruling will be announced shortly.

All Divisions now have results threads started. Any target posted here will not be counted for score.