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@dave67 last time my brother came down he was complaining he could not fit in a 42’ space?!


Those are really nice set up’s but they Are not giving them in Price ! Really a Great Idea. Now Where did I Put my 64 Volkswagen Bus with the 2180cc MTR Oh yea Dummy Sold it.


that is one of my huge peeves as well.


There is Nothing Better for a Total Attitude Adjustment for the Mind and Soul ! Than to listen to the River and hear the crackle of a good Fire and Crash after Viewing a great Sunset and Star filled sky’ To Smell That camp coffee boiling in Am.
Was Lucky Enough in Mid 70’s to Take a leave of Absence From work, Pack up the old wife a 2 year old and 6 month old and Traveled 7500 miles across country, in a V.W Bus Camped along many Rivers No Camp Grounds No K.O.A.‘S, Then it all Changed Signs,Signs, Everywhere Signs! Feel Blessed to have done it before Everyone wanted Money for One Thing or Another. Good Sam Club’ Etc Etc Etc.:sunglasses:


one thing i learned about camping, is if it dont roll up in a ruck, you probably just didnt need it anyway. slept in way to many tight spaces to ever put myself in a box, prefer the open air.


unfortunetly doesnt always work you would think people would have a lot more sense loooking at the world today and how bad the drug addiction is ,i bet you that 99% of drug addicts said when they started using drugs that they would’nt get addicted


ye would’nt want to be a sleep walker :joy:


walked for hours sat in highseats for a few of them too only saw a few deer no shots :disappointed:
i live in middle of lets sort of so dont have to travel far to get there if ya want to visit feel free the address is glenacunna ballyporeen tipperary ireland if ronald reagan was still alive he tell ya were to go


@trlrider I have always had cb/ham radios as well. My main mobile radio is an old orange face RCI 2970 10-11 meter. 100 W transmit.
My 2nd radio is an old Kenwood TS-520 ham base station. It can be powered with ac or dc. Transmits 100 W in SSB/CW mode 10 - 80 meter.


@ Jeffing 65 So Jeff Have a Question for Ya Sir’ At ground Zero’ Sea Level’ Mountains all Around Us, Bad Weather D&&N Near all the Time, Cell Phone Coverage is Spotty At Best’ You Look at GCI Coverage Map Of Juneau and the Area Even with 4G and the Newest I Phone/Pod Whatever! Don’t Own One’ My Mickey Mouse Flip Phone Works Some Times When the Stars are In Line and The Gods are Favoring me. The FCC Got rid of Our VHF Marine Operator and Relay Tower, Back Before cell Phone Carriers Made the Big Change From Anolog to Digital Service and the New Style Phones,ETC ETC. Radio Shack Went T***S Up.
What Works in the Above CB/VHF Still Today Way Out The Road so To Speak. The Hand Held Traffic is Really bad when you have 6 Cruise Ships in Town, Along With all the Other Chatter! Vendors and WIng’s of Alaska, Ward Air.
So Any Direction And Ideas on this Would Be Much Appreciated’:sunglasses:


im butting in, but wilson pro way signal booster works. place i used to go to hunt(before the VA hosed me up again) they had the Pro 70, lil expensive at over a grand, but if ya need a phone to work, it does… supports multiple users…


I agree with you! A tent makes me a bit paranoid! (Makes be feel like a pre-wrapped snack) Just give me a bit of tarp for a rain shelter and I am good.

When I rode fences back in the day for the Micha’s I used an old canvas tarp cut to 6x6 and an old wool army blanket. That and the saddle blanket was all I ever used!

Those days are now long gone…


@GOBLIN THANK YOU’ :+1::+1::+1: For the Information


@Johnksg I use a 10X10 chunk of treated canvas, and a hammock. aussie outfitter poncho for those really wet days. you know, sittin on a chunk of wood now(ammo can in the past) back against stationary object(tree) poncho locked down water tight. chin to chest to keep yer face dry…

sleep dont get no better than that. rain is like a lullaby. Just dont fall off what your settin on…


@DivaMarie not a problem Divamarie, guy I hunt with has a lodge up outside whitehorse, Yukon, its all he could find to work reliably. lot of the others he tried required you to move around and find the right spot… hopefully i will be up there again next year…


@GOBLIN Thanks Still My original Question is Do CB/VHF still work out it the Bush today if The (Killer Zombies) Have Taken out the Power Grid ETC, And your Running a Gen Set’/12 volt Radios with Large Antenna .


how large a antenna, and have the radios been “stepped” on (Linear like a Outcom DX-250 unit)


Not Yet But thanks to your Ideas I’m Trying to Putting this Together, If I Can find it on the Web and Freight does kill the Whole Project Idea.


let me know if you need any former radio shack parts, we still got one here, manager bought it and is operating under a HURRICANE ELECTRONICS sign. a buddy also has 4 or 5 Linear’s that he sells off as he repairs them (he fixes CB/base stations)


@DivaMarie @GOBLIN Sorry I have been out for a few days and just read your question. Man, if you miss a few days its impossible to know where to begin. lol
Any way, I will need to think about that. That sucks about the VHF Marine Operator and Relay Tower. (if the equip wasn’t replaced/retrofited but just shutdown in place, still there and operable, I wonder if it could be purchased or received as a donation for local area Comm system?) The mountains are the real obstacle. Anywhere within a given valley some radio to radio might work but the relay tower is the key.

I am guessing the hand held traffic you mentioned is the FM fmrs/gmrs hand helds everyone has?

I for instance, talk in the upper freqs (above 40) of the cb (11meter) band, using Single Side Band mode. This gets a quieter, less used part of the band, and side band is quieter and lets you have a little more transmit power than on AM. Anyone you talk with needs a SSB radio too, of course.
The 11 meter band (CB) keeps you out of the ham bands and no need for lic.

Give me a bit to think about it and look at goblins signal booster.