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Self Reliance In A Modern Age


What a Great Dad’ Myself as a small man’ Went Thru the Torment of Older Brothers and the Smallest in Military School Etc Etc They All Learn when Asked’:grinning: Did you Bring a Note From your Mother and a Sack Lunch Cause I Ain’t going down Easy! Ah yes life.


@DivaMarie dad has sparred with the boy in the garage…taught him a few combos and target areas. (He knows the “thunder clap” and how to keep his guard up!)

Not sending my boy out unprepared!

But I expect civility, responsibility, and good manners.


I’m so Jealous S–T Damn Biohazard Solutions Mop and Urinal :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Brush ETC.


@DivaMarie your making me chuckle! Just yesterday the janitor came through the office wanting to do a hand check of all the students because some little miscreant had used red marker on the porcelain in the boys room!

It is a thankless job, but I for one appreciate all that you do and what so many take for granted!


@DivaMarie even with the fancy machine good ole bleach is still my best friend :grinning: :+1: Okay now back to our regularly scheduled programming lol Another thing I am thankful for in my upbringing is my dad taking us kids backpacking in the wilderness a lot. I was only 5 my first trip into some pretty rugged country (Paysaten wilderness) and we were pretty simply outfitted with sleeping bags, fishin’ poles, a rope and a tarp for a tent and dad carried his military Enfield with a big old Stanley flash light taped to the barrel and a cast iron frypan for them big fat Dolly Vardens and not much else. And I can honestly say other than shopping mall parking lots :laughing: I have never really been lost and feel like I could bug out to the woods confidently if I needed to. I have a lot of gore-tex and titanium kinda stuff and a 10mm with streamlight now too :+1:


@TriggerHappy I don’t “bug out to the woods” for that is my true home, the home of my family…instead I temporarily “bug in to the suburbs” for medical and school reasons! :grin:

Camping is also becoming a lost art!


Camping is ‘’ NOT A LOST ART’’ We Just have to go Future Out Even Here in AK Than we Used to’ Keep the Special and Secret Spot’s in the Family !! :smiley: (Billy Bob) My Son Don’t You(EVER Tell Anyone about What Depth We Were Fishing)And Where on the Charts This Halibut Hole Is !:rofl:


@Johnksg Roger that! I REALLY appreciate living in a rural area at the edge of the forest and having game literally walking through my yard is reassuring. :+1: I have like 8 or 9 different packs and a few tents including an ultralight 1 person that weighs just a few lbs. I’m thinking about getting one of these pop up tents for my new 4 wheel drive backpack next year


2" thick mattress!! :grinning: :+1:


It would be a shorter list to explain what tools I don’t have to deal with emergencies! :sunglasses:
Thinking outside the box is for starters, in fact, I don’t have a box, I have a circle. That way if I do get stuck on the inside, I never get stuck in a corner.


Having your own portable repeater to deploy for when the local repeater with no back-up power goes down. I have a UHF and VHF, as well as good ole trusty 11 meter (CB Radio’s) in stock.
Even my wifes truck has a CB!


When I posted camping is a lost art I was thinking of my brother. He used to be a regular guy like me…throw a sleeping bag in the back of the truck with a tarp and a can of beans and you were good to go!

Now his RVs just get bigger and bigger. Latest has hardwood floors, gas fireplace, satellite TV and leather recliners with queen size bed and a full kitchen.

I don’t get it…might as well stay home?


I could get used to that. It’s just a mobile base camp. A really freakin’ nice one. :+1:


IDK, getting older also has some disadvantages, too. We all have our ‘assignments’ and mine is taking the damn cans out (and guess ‘who’ has challenges remembering?) lol I would ‘hate’ to also admit that I may suffer from selective memory, as well? Big smiles!


been using a hammock for years. tarp for a rain shield. Girlchild sleeps in the old popup.
only thing missing is the purr of a marine diesel, if i had that on tape, i would sleep for days…


@GOBLIN @Wedge you know I gotta admit some of those monster trailers and RVs are nice! My brother has one as do both of my neighbors.

For me camping is rolling out of my bag and rain tarp, pull on my stiff boots, and I breathe the fire back to life and put that battered old enamel coffee pot on to perk.

Then I just sit and enjoy the moment.

That first cup of strong coffee warms my hands and tastes just perfect!

My wife wants one of those big trailers, not me! If and when that day comes I will just sit at home in my recliner with my feet by the fire. :grin:


@GOBLIN Growing up my parents were in a Camp Club and we went camping once a month with a early 70’s Ward Nimrod pop-up camper…no heat, no A/C, no toilet, no sink, no stove, no nothing, and we loved it. Two adults and five kids in that camper and it is some of my best memories as a child.


and if you do a lift kit and bigger wheels, it will go anywhere a truck riding on 36" tires will go…(G)


@Johnksg Agreed, A friend of mine has a fifth wheel camper…with a fireplace, towed behind his F450 Platinum and I show up in my CR-V with a one man tent. Camping is about being OUTSIDE, if I want to be comfortable inside I would stay home.


@dave67 lol. My brother had to get a monster truck to tow his behemoth trailer…now he can’t go anywhere but state campgrounds and such…or as I call 'em “motel 6 with trees!”

I am not knocking them…just don’t quite understand it?

He was raised same as me. We worked in the woods, rounded up cattle in the Klamath basin and rode fences. Jeesh it takes him all day just to get loaded up!:joy:


@Johnksg Yup, there are some campgrounds where my friends big truck and trailer won’t fit so he had to buy another smaller trailer for those occasions…really? :thinking: